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I'm not here for extra credit or for fun. I knew I was gonna see my sexy professor.

I was a bit thrown off guard when I see the little boy seated next to her. "Cute kid," I commented and she nods in acknowledgment.

"Mijo, this is one of my students, Lauren," she says and he waves. "Hi, nice to meet you," he smiles, resembling his parent. I noticed his accent was completely different from his mother's.

"What's your name?"

"Armario," he answers, swinging his legs in his seat. "I don't think I can wait any longer, Mum," he says and Y/N agrees, messing with his hair, "Me neither."

I actually watched the play when it started, but I wanted nothing more than to jerk her off while trying to pay attention to the famous tragedy.

Though, I couldn't with her son right next to her. If she were here alone, I definitely would've been tugging her until she paints my hand white.

Instead, I just watch the beginning monologue, but I couldn't help but think about her.

"Mario, I'm gonna go get some snacks. Want anything?" She whispers and the boy answers. She stands up and scoots pass him into the aisle.

The young boy was too busy watching the play below to pay attention to me following his parent. I go the opposite way as to not disturb the show for him.

When I get to the main lobby, I spot the woman at the concession, buying some candy and popcorn. I saunter up to her as she thanked the cashier. When she turns around, she looks up and sees me.

"Lauren," she acknowledges me with her chin up. "Y/N," I greet back. She shuffles a little and glances at the double doors that lead in the theater.

"We need to talk," she says seriously. I raise a curious brow. "About?" She sucks her teeth, then walks away.


I trail behind her, and she suddenly turns around. "Meet me in the bathroom. I'm gonna take this to my son and I'm coming," she whispers. I lick my lips and get into her personal space. She doesn't move, but I can feel her energy shift to sensuality.

"See you in a minute," I glance down at her dark colored jeans where her bulge is. I look back up at her to see those light eyes piercing my soul. Fuck me.

"You didn't come for the play, did you, Jauregui?" She asks when I enter the empty, lavish bathroom. She was leaning against the black marble sink with her arms over her chest. "I actually did," I lie with a hint of defiance. She hums and nods, "Interesting. Is that why you're not wearing underwear?"

My eyes widen and I bite my lip. This earns me a teasing stare and she pushes herself off the sink.

"Dirty girl," she tsk, getting closer to me. I swallow my spit, feeling my body grow hot at our proximity. "Why did you really come here?"

"I told you-,"

"Baby girl, don't lie to me," she glares, making me whine at how wet I am already. If I had underwear on, they'd be soaked.

"I missed you," I say in a small voice, trying not look down at her pants. "Did you now? You do realize my son is still out there? He's probably wondering where we are."

Her voice dropped and I just need her inside of me.

"We should go?" I ask more than I say. She exudes so much sexual energy and the tension between us is thick enough to be sliced with a sword.

She just chuckles and goes over to the door, locking it. "Bet I can make you cum in 10 minutes," she says, turning back to me. My eyes widen and I nod submissively.

She puts her hands on my waist and lifts me on top of the sink, kissing my neck meaningfully. I let out a soft mewl at the sensation. She then breaks away and yanks my shorts down, being met with my fresh Brazilian.

She licks her lips and immediately leans in and takes my sensitive nub. My eyes roll back and I lean my head against the mirror, "Shit." She sucks on it harder, causing my hips to arch off the cool marble.

"We don't have much time, love," she says, coming back up to share my flavor with me. I moan against her lips while she works herself out of her jeans.

We break apart so she can pull them down along with her restricting briefs. "Try not to be so loud," she husks, stroking herself. I nod, too caught up in my own arousal to think straight.

She pulls me to her, looking dead into my eyes with her gray dilated ones, entering me with ease. "Fuck!" She covers my mouth with a smirk.

"Shh, baby girl. Daddy's gonna take good care of you," she says then bites her lip aggressively before giving it to me like I'm wifey.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck," I moan against her hand as her member stroke my walls deliciously. She was going at a pace that makes my eyes roll back and clench around her. My nails dig into her shoulders and I let out a moan that would've caught anyone's attention.

"Fuck, you're a freak," she sighs when she speeds up, making my eyes roll back. "I bet you'd let me cum in you. Wouldn't you?" I nod, feeling my high coming in.

I may've touched myself before I came here to make sure she could slide right in. Fuck, she feels like heaven.

"Hold onto me tight," she says and I obey. She presses her hand over my mouth a little harder then picks me up. I gasp when she starts pistoning inside of me so deeply. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" I muffle and she groans.

"I can feel you're close. What's my name?"

"Daddy," I whimper, feeling like I'd explode. "Again, you little freak," she moans in my ear. "D-Daddy!"

And explode I did.

All I saw was white before I'm bucking my hips to match her tempo. I tense up as I release on her delicious feeling dick. My legs are shaking and I arch into her. Her breathing gets a little harder before soft curses left her lips. "You want it?" She uncovers my mouth.

"C-Cum in my mouth," I whimper and she moans a little louder. She then lets go of my thighs and pulls me up off her dick and onto my knees.

I lick around her tip before sucking on it like a straw in a milkshake. I then grab her cheeks and force her down my throat. She moans my name repeatedly, "Oh, fuck, Lauren... shit... shit!" Her load fills my mouth and I close my eyes to savor her taste.

Mm, I can tell she eats healthy.

Her body relaxes and I give her a few more sucks before removing her from my mouth. I stroke her a few times, licking her slit until she pulls away. "Damn," she mutters with a light chuckle.

"How long was that?" I ask, standing up and bringing my bottoms up as well. She checks her watch and raises a brow.

"Seven minutes," she says in surprise. I run my hand through my hair, equally surprised. "That was fast," I comment.

"Yeah. We gotta get back or Mari will come looking for me," she says, pulling her jeans up. Once she did, I take her jaw in my and kiss her lips. My flavor lingering on these pillows.

She kisses back, but it ends for too quickly.

"Come by tomorrow night," she says then licks her lips. "Anything you want me to wear?" Her eyes scan my body for a second.

"Not a damn thing."

*She's back

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