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I'm worried.

The last time I saw her was after our little 'talk'.

Her car hasn't been in her numbered spot since that morning.

Is she OK? Is she hurt? God, I hope not.

I can't stand not seeing that sexy human. Staring into those stormy eyes, wanting to touch every part of that body. I want to feel her soft, tanned skin under my fingers.

Those plump lips that I just want to take between my teeth. Those strong arms, holding me against her. Feeling her against me.

I want nothing, but sex from her if I'm being honest. I don't do relationships. They always end bad, whether the break up is, or the months following.

It's inevitable.

I just want to feel her deep inside of me. Tapping that spot that'll drive me crazy. I want to mark her back with my nails; claiming he skin as mine.

I want her to pull my hair as she fucks me from behind. I want-

My obnoxious door knocker interrupts my thoughts.

I roll my eyes, taking my left hand from my soaking center. I stand up from my bed, pulling my underwear up and throwing on some shorts. I pass through the kitchen to wash my hand before going to answer the door.

I didn't look through the peephole, so who it was made me furrow my eyebrows.

It was C. The brown eyed beauty that's possibly lucky enough to have Y/N inside of her. She ran her hand through her dark hair and chewed on her bottom lip.

"Uh, hi, I'm looking for Y/N?" My eyes scan her body as she peeks behind me. She has a nice body with a face to match. Her curves are defined and her jawline is sharp to the touch.

"She doesn't live here. She's actually across the hall, in 333," I tell her. She kinks her eyebrows and glance over her shoulder before looking back at me with an embarrassed smile.

"God, I'm so sorry I disturbed you," she says. I shake my head, "You're fine, you didn't really bother me."

She sighs dramatically in relief, "Thank goodness." I smile at her, amused.

"So, what's your name, beautiful?" She blushes, running her hand through her hair again. "Camila," her cheeks start to redden.

"Lauren," I extend my hand for her to take. She shakes my hand with a polite smile.

"You want anything? Water?" I ask her. She furrows her eyebrows before shrugging, "I could go for a glass. Thanks."

I step out of the way and she steps inside. My eyes shamelessly go to her butt. I bite my lip, closing and locking the door.

"Nice place," she says, looking around the main area. I enter the kitchen, pouring her a glass of water. I glance up, catching sight of her ass. I wet my lips, a little flustered. "Thank you. Gradual decor. I don't throw everything in at once."

I emerge from the kitchen, two glasses in my hands. One full of water and the other of wine.

I hand her the glass and she graciously accepts it. "I can see. I love how it all goes together, but doesn't at the same time. It's nice to see a home with personality for once," she chuckles.

I join her, kinking a brow, "Personality?" She nods, "Y/N hardly has anything up. A few family photos, but that's about it really." She takes a drink from her glass.

I watch as her lips curl on the edge. Pink and plump. Her throat bobs as she swallows, that razor sharp jawline causes me to subtly bring my thighs together.

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