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"Thank you for covering our shifts, Ralph," Dinah says the following week, hugging me. I chuckle at her nickname. "No problem. Where's your sister?"

"In her room, asleep. She needs it. She just got back from her history lecture."

I nod, "Oh, OK, well if I leave before she wakes up, tell her I stopped by."

"Duh. Anyway, want something to drink?" I raise an eyebrow, "What do you have?" Dinah goes in the kitchen and comes back with a bottle of water.

I shrug, opening it and taking a sip. "You mind covering for Ally next week? She has mid-terms in her history and communications courses."  I nod,"Yeah, but her and I have our Psychology and Greek Literature exams soon."

Dinah makes a thinking face, "Get Zara to help you." I shake my head, "Hell no. She's lazy and stubborn. It'll be like I'm already alone." Dinah shrugs, "True, she is. I dunno how she kept the job."

After talking to the younger woman, I left, heading home. I get to the complex and see a familiar red car. Fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro. I park on my number and get out. As soon as I got to my door, Y/N's door swings open. I keep my head turned towards my door as I put the key in the lock.

"Lauren?" I turn around and give the older woman a polite smile. "Hi, uh, Normani, right?" I ask, snapping my fingers. She chuckles, showing those pearly whites, "Yes. So you live here?" I nod, "Yeah, and alone thank goodness," I say with a soft sigh. Just then, a little girl, about three, comes up behind her.

She has long, curly black braided hair that stops at the top of her stomach. Her eyes are hazel mixed with specks of green and skin about two shades lighter than her mother's. "Mommy, affer we get Mario, we get ice crean?" Normani looks down at the child with a small smile, "Yeah, baby. Did you tell Mama you'll see her later?" The little girl nods, looking over at me. Oh, I see it now.

"Hi, I Madison. I three. You very pretty," she smiles at me. I crouch down to her level. I must say, she's a bit tall to be three. Must be from her other mother's side since the dark skinned woman in front of me isn't that much taller than myself.  "Thanks, sweetie. I'm Lauren. I like your braids."

She plays with the end of one of them with a shy, dimpled smile, "Thank you. My mommy did it yesterday." I look up at Normani, "Well, Mommy did a very good job." Normani smiles at me, "Why thank you."

Madison looks up at me then her mother. She tugs on her arm, "Mommy?" Normani looks down and the little girl puts her hand to her mouth, about to whisper. Her mother bends down to her level and she, not-so-quietly, says, "She's pretty for you, Mommy." I raise an eyebrow, not ignoring the fact that she knows her parents aren't together.

Smart kid.

Normani looks over at me and I flash my famous Jauregui smile. "Uh," she clears her throat, standing straight. "It was nice talking to you again, Lauren."

"Likewise, Normani," she bites her bottom lip in thought and goes in her purse. She pulls out her phone, taps at it a few times and hands it to me. Judging by the dial pad, she wants my number. I chuckle, typing in the ten digits and handing her phone back to her.

"Here," I say. She nods, pressing the call button. My phone rings a few times then stops about five seconds later. "So I'll call you later?" I nod, opening my apartment door. "See you later, Madison," I wave. She smiles, "See you later, Lauren!" Normani and I exchange a quick last glance then she disappears down the steps, a chatty child in tow.

I step in, setting my keys and bag down. I take off my shoes and start stripping off my day clothes. Just as I was about to undo my bra, I hear a knock on my front door. I huff in annoyance, literally a nanosecond from ultimate relaxation.

I didn't even put my shirt back on. "Coming!" I roll my eyes, putting my hair up in a ponytail. I look through the peephole, smirking to myself when I see my professor. Though, she wore a determined expression.  I open the door, quirking an eyebrow. "Yes?" Her features remain hard as she pushes pass me.

"Uh, the fuck?" I say, loud enough for her to hear. She looks back at me, fire in her eyes.

"Don't think I don't know what you're doing, Jauregui. I want you to stop it, and stop it right the fuck now," she says through her teeth. I quirk an eyebrow, smirking as I fold my over my chest. "What are you talking about?" She glares at me, nostrils flaring. Honestly, her angry look is so fucking hot.

She laughs sarcastically, "Are you fucking kidding me? You think I don't notice how you look at me? How you're trying to be sneaky and get my daughter and baby momma on your side? That time in the hallway? The classroom? I don't want to be apart of you game, Lauren."

She has gotten closer at this point and her strong fragrance has me feeling high. I couldn't help but bite my lip while staring at those plump lips. I said it before, Camila's a lucky bitch.

I just chuckle lowly, making sure to drop my voice, "Oh, Y/N, you are the game."

She closes her mouth, licking her lips briefly. She squints her gray eyes at me, shaking her head. "I ain't anymore, and I swear to God...come too close to me, it'll be a problem." I laugh, "And what are you gonna do? Tell the dean? We are regular ass citizens outside of the classroom, so he can't do shit."

"He can about your harassment." I roll my eyes, "Oh, please, seriously? Wanna know what I think?" She shakes her head, "No, I actually don't-,"

"I think you're full of shit." She laughs ironically, "I'm full of shit?" I nod, "Yeah," I take a step closer to her, but she stays in place.

"How so?"

I glance at her lips then her eyes, "You like the attention I give you." She scoffs, breaking eye contact, "Lies."

"So your body is a liar?" She smiles in amusement, leaning against the wall. I look down and smirk, "And a traitor." She furrows her eyebrows and looks down. She curses under her breath and looks back at me. She pushes herself off of the wall and I want nothing more than to push her back, rip those pants off and suck her dick until she paints my tonsils white.

"I'm not gonna say it again, Miss Jauregui," she says, leaving without another word.

God, I want her.

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