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I can't get her out of my mind. I can still feel her; filling me up to the most pleasurable measures. I was still throbbing well after she'd left. God, it was better than I had fantasized.

I get up after going over the pleasurable events to take a nice, hot shower. Though, I damn near fell on my ass on my way there. Damn, she fucked me harder than I thought.

After my lengthy shower, I get out with my towel around my neck, drying my hair. My cheeks started to hurt from smiling all day. Of course, because of that sexy woman across the hall from me.

She's kept up this impression that she didn't want me when she did this entire time. Maybe more than I wanted her. Then again, I doubt she studies my every move.

What started off as an obsession, turned into a burning desire that got extinguished. Though, I know it'll come back sooner than later. I mean, you can't blame me.

The next day was Monday, meaning I have her lecture. I admit, I am a bit nervous to see her again since we haven't talked since yesterday. I'm mainly nervous that she's gonna steal these subtle glances at me throughout the class.

Those eyes piercing through my skin, stripping me bare, making me squirm. I swear, I might actually jump her bones after the lecture is over.

I try to act like it never happened, but it's hard to forget such a heated passion. God, I'm getting turned on just thinking about it.

I take my seat like normal and pulled out my phone to pass time. I was scrolling through Twitter when I hear someone clear their throat behind me. I lock my phone and look back at the person.

I twist my face into anger, turning my body towards him. "Get the fuck away from me," I warn, pointing my finger. He sighs, "Look, I'm sorry, a'ight? I didn't mean what I did. I was dumb and you have every right to be mad."

I stand up from my seat, glaring hard at the man, "Come near me. Even so much as look at me, I swear to God, Griffin, I'll fucking end you." He holds his hands up in defense.

"That's fair," he says, nodding. "Now, get the fuck away from me," I grumble. He pulls his pants up slightly and walks off to the back. I glare holes into his back before sitting back down, mood completely changed.

Just then, the professor comes in, sexier than ever. She's wearing a white dress shirt with a loosen, skinny necktie and a tight, dark blue blazer.

Fuck, I wanna rip that all off.

"Morning," she greets cheerfully, setting her belongings beside her desk. The class responds dryly while I just watch her every move. She takes out her laptop and starts to connect it to the projector.

"I've got good news," her tone somewhat upbeat, but still professional. "There's a play happening at Robinson Theater this Friday. Can anyone guess what it might be?"

The room is quiet as Professor L/N waits with excited eyes. "It's Oedipus Rex," still silence. This causes her to sigh, but it wasn't a sad one. More like a humorous one.

"I know it's Monday and Mondays fucking suck. But I'm offering this as extra credit. You take mental notes or however you want to go about it. So, those who are knowingly slipping, I'm looking at you, Mr. Griffin," she says his name with hidden venom.

Only I know why that is.

And honestly, it was hot.

I hear Tyrone grumble and his friend, Chris chuckle at him while shaking his head. "Can get their score up. Though, if you have a passing grade, you could go just for fun," she shrugs. "If you still want me to add that to your current grade, I will."

She steals a glance before setting up our lesson for the day.

After class, everyone starts to file out and I linger behind. Professor L/N sat at her desk, scribbling something out; glasses perched on her nose. I internally giggle since she looks older than she is.

She suddenly looks up, "Can I help you Miss Jauregui?" She asks, going back to her papers. I wait for the last of the people to leave before I stand and make my way towards her desk.

I lean against it, causing her to look up again. "Please, get off of my desk, Miss Jauregui," her tone hard. I obey her, already feeling that submissiveness from yesterday.

"I wanted to talk," I say with confidence in my voice. She pauses, taking off her glasses to look dead into my eyes. "The class is not the place to discuss this," she says in a low volume.

"Ok, how about my place? Or better yet, yours?" I kink a brow, nibbling on my bottom lip. She takes a deep breath, putting her attention back on the papers in front of her.

"You are dismissed, Miss Jauregui," she states. Squinting at her, I turn towards the door, shutting and locking it rather than leave. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She demands in a harsh whisper.

"Not until we talk about yesterday," I say, crossing my arms over my chest, subtly pushing up my cleavage. I notice her glancing down before looking back at my face with a stone look.

"What happened was a mistake," she says and I chuckle. "With the way you fucked me, it didn't feel like a mistake, Professor," she shushes me. "Keep your damn voice down!" She whisper yells and I roll my eyes.

"I bet you never fucked your girlfriend like that," I sass. Her jaw clenches and I knew I was right. "Leave. Now," she says through her teeth. I shrug, turning to go. "By the way, I'll be at the theater on Friday," I look over at her, pen clutched in her hand.

"See you later, Professor."

*This is a new 2019 chapter that is LOOOOONNNNGGGG overdue... sorryboutit

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