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A/N: Whatever Lauren is wearing in the pic, is what she's wearing in the story unless I change it


After Camila left, I hummed happily to myself. My plan is in affect.

When Monday approached, I was both excited and nervous. I have to face the woman who makes me ruin my sheets almost every night.

Her lecture starts at nine, so I decided to arrive late. Though, my hormonal mind didn't think about the immediate attention my tardiness would attract.

When I came through the door, Ms. Sexy Gray Eyes stops talking and turns towards me. Her light, calm demeanor changing strict. "Miss Jauregui, nice of you to join us."

I bite my lip, a little weak from her hard look. It makes me even more aroused than usual when I noticed her appearance. A tight fitting black dress shirt with gray slacks and blazer with a loose, royal blue necktie.

Her slacks slightly outlining her member that rest against her left leg. My eyes widen; she is well endowed.

I scan my eyes back up to her dark irises, "My apologies, Professor. My car wouldn't start this morning so I had to take the bus."

She squints slightly, and my breathing picks up. "Take your seat, Miss Jauregui," she says sternly. God, that tone in her voice makes me believe she is dominant.


I nod, ignoring the thirty pairs of eyes, walking confidently to my seat.

"Now, this test is timed for forty minutes. Twenty for you, Miss Jauregui, since you want to come late," she says, connecting her stormy eyes with mine.

I cross my arms over my chest, "That's it? I know these epics like the back of my hand," I retort, earning dead silence from the room.

She raises an eyebrow, "I'm sure you do, Miss Jauregui. Now, I'm most certain you can complete the fifty questions and free responses in fifteen minutes, no?" She finishes with a sarcastic smirk.

I keep my eyes trained on hers, dropping my voice. "Piece. Of. Cake," I smile. She flares her nostrils, looking over the rest of the class.

When her eyes land on me once again, I squirm in my seat. "Stay back after class, Miss Jauregui," she says lowly. I bite my lip, sitting straight.

She goes to explain the test before telling everyone to open their laptops. While everyone does, she calls my name, "I've set yours to automatically stop after your time is up. Don't spend so much time on one question."

I smirk at her, "I'm not worried, if that's what you think, Professor L/N." I drag her name, causing her jaw to clench. I chuckle a bit, logging into the test. She leans against her desk, looking at her watch. "You may begin," she announces.

I shake my head in amusement as I fly through the first eight questions in barely a minute. Her doubt towards me hurts a little since I am pretty much the only student of hers taking this course seriously.

I glance up at her, smirking as I finish my free response for my twelfth question, seeing I have plenty of time left.

She crosses her arms over her chest, not looking the least bit nervous. I continue on until I reach question forty-two. Before I could finish reading it, my time ran out.

I groan in frustration and look back up at her, seeing the pleased smile on her face, "Oh, and whatever questions you don't complete, will be marked as incorrect."

I submit my answers and log out, then close my laptop. "I'm still not worried, Professor," I challenge, not looking at her. Instead, I took my blue pen and start to sketch little shapes on the edge of my notebook.

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