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"Oh, fuck!" She moans under me, my digits curling in and out of her soaked passion. I kiss her neck, along her jawline, and then the corner of her mouth.

Her eyes were screwed shut, her bottom lip a prisoner between her teeth. Her moans turn into pants as I thrust quickly and deeply.

She arches into me, back lifted off of the bed. Her abdomen slick with sweat as well as her forehead. "Oh, my g- fuck, Lauren!" I wrap my lips around her erect nipple, sucking lightly.

I go harder, biting my lip at the squelching sounds coming from her arousal. "I'm close," she pants. I pull my fingers out, earning a frustrated noise from the girl.

I put my fingers towards her lips and she latches onto them hesitantly. I smirk, "You like that?" She nods submissively. I kiss down her stomach and attached my mouth to her center shortly after.

She grips my hair roughly, making me moan. "Shit!" I lap at her juices until she cums hard. Her whole body spasms and her chest rises and falls quickly.

I sit up, wiping my mouth and chin. I stare down at her, licking my lips. Her eyes flutter open as her breathing slows.

"Damn," she breathes out. I chuckle coyly, climbing off of her. She reaches down her leg, bringing up her underwear; her shorts following.

I stand up as she continues to put her clothes on and collect her things. She runs her fingers through her dampened hair, putting her shoes on.

I walk her to the front door, looking around to make sure she didn't leave anything. "Uh, I'll see you?" I shrug, opening the door, "Maybe. Now, go," I say indifferently.

She bites her lip mindlessly with a nod, walking out. I half expected her to look all sad and shit, but she's still with Y/N.

Lucky ass bitch.

I close the door, flopping on the couch.

I decided I'm going to fuck with her feelings. When we get close enough, I'm going to have her shaking and sweating in a puddle of her own cum.

I bet Y/N makes Camila scream and shake just as much as I do. I bet she leaves marks on her back, stinging from the cool air on the opened wounds.

Y/N probably has her in multiple positions all over that house. She might have her like that in about an hour.

My mind drifts to Y/N. That huge bulge in her pants always seem to make itself evident to me. Nobody else seem to notice. Maybe it's because I stare at it so often during class.

All I'd think about is having that prick inside of me. Thrusting slowly as I bite on her shoulder. Digging my nails in her back and dragging them as I wait for her load to be dumped in me. God, all I want is for her to fuck me. Hard, fast, and oh so deep.

I squirm a little bit, not really wanting to go into another orgasm. Being that Camila came here horny as fuck and wanted to fuck me. That, she did. Not the way I wanted, but it's nice to feel someone else's hand that isn't your own.

I admit, the orgasm was good, better than when I do it, but I still need to be filled to the hilt.

And I won't stop until Y/N fulfills that fantasy of mine.

*just a little filler

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