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Without a second thought, I do as I'm told. Looking back at her and pushing against her desperately. She growls, giving my ass a firm smack. I lurch forward slightly, moaning and resting my head on the headboard.

"Fuck," I gasp out, squeezing my eyes shut. "You like that?" She husks out, grabbing my ass, making me moan again. "Yes, Daddy," I bite my lip, looking back at her. She smacks it again, leaning over and pressing against my back.

She then gets close to my ear, "Tell me what you want me to do." The tone in her voice has me throbbing beyond belief. Like God, just fuck me.

"Anything," I breathe out, feeling her erection against my clit. I push back again, itching to feel her inside of me again, despite how sensitive I am. She sits up then spreads my legs. Her fingers dance over my folds, eliciting a drawn out moan from me.

"Be careful what you wish for, Jauregui," she gives me a devilish smirk. I bite my lip, lifting up and wrapping an arm around her. She kisses my neck gently, causing me to close my eyes in bliss. Her fingers start toying with my sensitivity and I throw my head back on her shoulder.

It's insane how turned on I am. 

"Fuck me, please," she groans in my ear and grinds against me. "Beg for it," she pinches me and I let out a loud moan.

"Please, fuck me, Daddy. Claim me. Fuck me senseless. God, I want you so bad," I whimper. She growls, pushing me back down on the pillows. She runs her tip over me, and I clutch the sheets until my knuckles got sore.

She pushes in easily, sighing. She grips my hips and starts thrusting slowly. My legs are trembling as noises of pleasure move pass my lips. I was still so sensitive that tears start to form in my eyes again.

"Yes, Daddy," I mewl, and she goes deeper, making me scream. "Holy fuck!" She grabs onto my hair, pulling so that I'm on my hands and she smacks my ass again, though harder than before.

The pain was so fucking delicious.

I throw it back on her, loving the sound of our slick skin slapping. I try bowing my head, but she pulls me back, "Stay up," she demands, causing me to whine. "Y-Yes, Daddy," I mewl, already feeling my high approaching.

I guess she could tell because she speeds up then pulls me back more, forcing my back against her. "You're gonna cum, Miss Jauregui?" I almost scream in utter ecstasy, nodding, "Fuck, yes!" She pushes me down again and begins thrusting at a merciless pace.

The bed starts to rock angrily and my moans turn into screams. I'm pretty sure I fucked up my vocal cords. "Oh, shiiiiiit," I sob, followed by her string of sexy moans. "Cum for me," she commands and I do so without a problem. I reach my climax at a mind numbing height. Rolling my eyes back and seeing white as I moan her name.

She doesn't let up, causing me to continuously moan loudly. "Take this dick," she groans, and I can feel her twitching inside of me. I muster up the last bit of energy I have and push against her massiveness. I shudder violently, biting down on the pillow hard.

"Oh, fuck," she chants, pulling out. I look back to see her finishing herself off. I stop her, making her look at me confused. I turn around, laying down on my back under her. "Cum on my face, Daddy," she moans and visibly shivers. "God," she says. I open my mouth as she continues, looking down at me with dangerous eyes.

"Shit," she pants out in a whisper repeatedly, letting her hot, white jets hit my face and chest. The little that got in my mouth was swallowed and the rest just stays where it is.

With a final sport of cum, she sighs, sweat dripping down her body. She's so fucking sexy, that if I wasn't completely spent, I'd ride her until it's impossible for me to take it anymore. She looks down at me, hair damp and clinging to her forehead.

I sit up, swiping my finger over the mess she's made. Looking into her eyes, I clean her off of my fingers. She licks her lips, then bites her bottom. She pulls me towards her then sticks a finger in me slowly. I gasp loudly, gripping her back out of instinct, screwing my eyes shut.

She pushes in the pulls out a few times before removing them from me completely. She brings her fingers to her mouth and smooths my juices on her lips. Shining like gloss.

My senses high and my body still on fire as I watch her. Fed up, I pull her to me, connecting our lips heatedly. My taste enveloping my mouth. She enters her tongue, moaning against my lips. I wrap my arms around her neck and she settles between my legs.

Her softened member resting on my pulsing center lightly. We continue our silent conversation, moving our lips in perfect sync with our hearts.

She breaks away after a while, looking down at me with an unreadable expression. I chew on my bottom lip, staring up at her. "Satisfied?" I nod wordlessly. She says nothing, getting off of me and collecting her clothes.

I sit up, not bothering to cover myself. "Leaving so soon?" She looks up at me briefly, tugging her pants on. "Yeah," she replies. I kinda wanted her to stay so we could continue later, but she lives across the hall so I didn't mind it.

"Let's do this again," she smirks a little, nodding. "Maybe."


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