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This is my second year teaching and it's about to go to shit because I can't stop thinking about my student.

She scores the highest of any of my pupils, no help needed; she's actually graduating in a few months time despite being in her junior year.

Regardless, I was weak and I let her seduce me.

I also find myself comparing her with Camila.

Lauren's daring and dangerous. Camila's a sweet freak. More sweet than such, though. I can't imagine having sex with Cami in a theater bathroom. She likes to keep the freaky shit at home.

Not Miss Jauregui.

After tonight, I'm going to tell her that we can't continue this.

I just don't wanna lose my job because I can't control myself around her anymore. Once I felt her, I knew I was in big trouble.

Then I thought about Camila; the love of my life. I let myself be tempted by Lauren. Thinking about how wrong it is makes me wish it didn't feel right.

But fuck, she's a salacious woman and I'm addicted.

As I'm locking up my classroom, my coworker, Ashley Frangipane greets me. "Hey, Y/N. Heading home?" I nod, hiking my bag on my shoulder.

"Yeah. I'm kinda tired. I'll see you tomorrow, Ash," I say politely before going to leave. "Oh, wait! How was the play?"

My mind the flash with different images of Lauren and I in the bathroom.

"What's my name?"


"Again, you little freak."


"Y/N?" Ashley snaps in my face a few times and I instantly blush, clearing my throat. "Sorry, heh, I'm a bit tired, but it was great. The actors were phenomenal," I answer as I try not to recall the time in the bathroom.

She smiles, "Okay. Well, have a good night." I wave at her as I hurry out of the door.

Once the evening breeze hit me, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I spot my car and made a beeline to it, trying to rid my thoughts of the green eyed living succubus.

When I made it to my complex, I noticed Camila's car was parked next to my spot. She wasn't in it, so I know she's in my apartment right now.


I make my way to the elevators, going in my pocket for my phone. I got to my texts and tapped on the first one.

I'll call you
I wanna be nice and ready for you Daddy 😉

Peitho was the Greek goddess of seduction and persuasion. It suits her well.

When I reached my floor, I head straight to my apartment. I didn't even glance at Miss Jauregui's door.

Though, when I unlock mine, I'm met with an empty apartment. I furrow my brows in confusion, but proceeded to set my things down and shoot Camila a text asking where she is.

Afterwards, I put my phone on the charger before going for a quick shower.

My thoughts were flooded with images from our private intermission.

Her sounds, the faces she made, the way she feels around me, the look in her eyes when she's close. I almost don't want to cut things off, but I know I have to.

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