Chapter 4

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Craig pov

Yawning I roll over and grab my phone. Before I unlock I see that I have a couple texts so I sigh before unlocking it. Scrolling through the texts I see my mom text me a couple times then I see that Clyde texted me.
    Hey dude, Im gonna be bringing Tweek over after school.

As soon as my brain wakes up and replays the message in my head I jump up. I look at it over and over to make sure Im not crazy. Tweek is coming over and Im a mess. I quickly text Clyde to tell him no and put the phone down. A few minutes later my phone lights up and I see what the text says.

  Sorry dude we're a block away.

I groan as I put my ringer back on and I fall backwards. The sound of the door opening catches my ears and I close my eyes. Two sets of footsteps has me grain again and I cover my eyes with my arm.

" Hey dude, sit up" I hear Clyde say

Sitting up my arm falls and I see Tweek's twitching figure. I feel my face heat up a little bit and he smiles at me. Im pretty sure that my heart stopped for a minute and he walks over towards me along with Clyde.

  Clyde sets my books in my desk and Tweek hands me a bag. I blush when I see what's in the bag and smile. In the bag is vanilla flavored coffee with some coco creamer.

" Thanks guys." I say

I see Tweek blush a little and Clyde smiles at me. They sit well I should say Clyde sat on my bed. He wraps a arm around my neck and rubs his knuckles against my scalp. I laugh and try to push his hands away. He just laughs along and continues to mesa with my hair. I glance towards Tweek and I see something in his brown eyes. Clyde stops and leans back on his hands looking at Tweek as well. He seems like he's in deep thought and I just watch as emotions flicker through his eyes.

" He has been like this all day.. well since lunch anyway." Clyde whispers

A phone goes off and that makes Tweek jump as he reaches into his pocket. He answers it and while he's talking he twitches like a million times. He gets off the phone and he looks up at us. A sorry smile on his face as he puts his phone away.

" Sorry guys my dad needs me at the coffee shop." He says

We smile and wave as he walks out. Clyde sighs and I glance back to see a big smile. I shrug my shoulders and get up to walk over to my desk. Just then I get pulled back onto my bed and I can't move. I try to remove the arms but I fail and was about to kick him when I feel something wet on my neck. I freeze for a minute before I jump up when Im able and I wipe off my neck. Stand in front of the bed and I flip him the bird while he's laughing. He crawls up to me and smirks at me. I turn around and I can feel him nuzzle my back.

" Awl you know you like it." Clyde says

I say " Yea if it was somebody else."

I turn to see Clyde's fake pained expression. I laugh and throw a pillow in his pillow. It hits him in the face and I begin to laugh while walking to my desk to do my homework. Clyde walks over and tries to help me with my homework.

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