Chapter 13

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Through out the morning I've been nervous to talk to Craig. Once the bell rang I wait for the rest of the class to leave before I stand up. Grabbing my books I walk to my locker.

  I feel kiss on my neck so I smile and turn around. Clyde reaches behind me and hands me a paper bag with my lunch it. Smiling I grab Clyde's hand and begin walking towards the cafeteria. Turing the corner I see Craig sitting down in front of his locker.

"Hey Clyde Go on ahead of GAH me." I say

Clyde nods his head kisses my cheek. After he is out of view I walk over to Craig. Sitting down I hear him sigh and I put a hand on his arm. He stiffens up but I ignore it.

"Hi Craig" I say

Craig says "Hi Tweek"

"I was wondering why are you sad?" I ask

Craig pauses for a minute or two hut says "  Cause I can't have the person I want."

" Why not?" I ask

Craig says " taken and don't like me like that."

Before I could say anything else he gets up and walks away. I watch as walk down the hall with his hands in his jean pockets.

Craig's POV

I had to get up and walk away from Tweek. I was having urges and I don't want him to find out or hurt Clyde. Clyde is my best friend even though he knew I liked Tweek. I'm glad he's happy but I wish I said something before he did.

  Before entering a classroom I see Tweek walk up to Clyde who was walking his way. Seeing them hug and kiss makes my stomach hurt. I'll be my old self as soon I get over Tweek.

I'll never get over him but I can pretend. If he's happy and willing to be my friend. I can't ruin that.

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