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Chapter 19

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For the rest of my weekend I had to go over Wendy's house. We talked about.. She talked about her plans to win Cartman back ; I just sat there and listened to her.

  Monday morning I was waiting at the bus stop when Wendy comes running down the street. I sighed when she grabbed onto my arm and smiles at me.

"Hey how's my boyfriend this morning?" She asks

I say "I'm good."

She was about to day something else but BeBe came walking up to Wendy. She turned around and left me alone. The bus comes a few minutes later and I climb on. I was glad that she didn't sit next to me and instead sat by BeBe.

"Dude did Wendy say boyfriend?" Token asks

I sigh and nod my head. Resting my chin on my palm I look out the window. It seemed like the bus driving was driving slowly today.

  Once at school all the students had to rush to first class because the bus was late. I had peace and quiet in my first class.

  My second and third classes was very chatty and giggling. Lunch time came around and Wendy sat with her friends and I sat by myself. When a tray hits the table in front of me I look up to see Kenny. He looks pissed off and I don't like the look in his eyes.

" What's up Kenny?" I asks

He sits down and just starts to play with his corn. I take a bite or two trying to figure out what to say say to Kenny.

"I can't believe it?!" He says

"What?" I asks

" Butters wouldn't answer my texts or phone calls! So I went to his house and we got in this big argument. He tells me that his dad took his phone and at that moment his dad pops into his room" He pauses and says " He throws something and it lands on the bed. I look down to see that it was Butters' phone. Then Butters says he doesn't want to talk to me for a while."

"I'm sure he will come around. He had a crush on you since grade school." I say

When lunch was over the last three classes went very slowly. I was at my locker when suddenly a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a giggle hits my ears. Sighing I keep going through my books.

"Craig baby!!!" Wendy says loudly

All the noise and talking stopped. Looking around I can see that all the students on the hallway was staring at us. A few rows of lockers down from me I can see Cartman. His fist is by his side and I can sense he wants to hurts me. I quickly grab Wendy's hand and walk outside behind the school building.

"Wendy this was-"

I couldn't finish what I was saying because she crashed her lips against mine. She grabs my hands and wrap them around his waist. Her hands are  gripping my shoulders for support.

  She pulls back and I quickly wipe my mouth. Than I see that she's staring at something. Following her gaze I quickly stiffen up when I see that he is staring at somebody.

  Cartman is standing in the football field with his balled up fist shaking. He slowly starts to walk towards us. I jut stand there watching as he gets closer.

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