Chapter 14

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A Few Months later

   I've learned to hide my true feelings for Tweek. He seems happy with Clyde and I'm for both of them. It wasn't easy trying to hide my feelings when I first started. It almost slipped out that I like Tweek but I caught myself. As the months went by I got better at hiding the feelings.

   Right now I'm walking to the park to meet with Clyde and Tweek. I put my hands in my pockets has I let the music in my ears take over my mind. I get to the park entrance and I have to stop. I see Clyde and Tweek kissing on a bench. I take. couple breaths and put on a smile. Putting away my earphones an turning off my music I walk up behind Tweek. Clearing my throat I with as Tweek yelps and falls onto the ground. I smile at him and reach a hand out towards Tweek. Before Tweek could grab it Clyde pushes me to the side and hurries to Tweek like he got shot.

  I've noticed that Clyde's attitude and behavior has changed towards me. He gets mad whenever Tweek hugs me or I touch Tweek. He doesn't like it when I get seated next to Tweek and he's not. I'm only putting up with it because he's been my best friend since 3rd grade.

  Shaking my head I sit on the bench and wait for the two to start talking. Clyde sit next to me and grabs Tweek's waist. He pulls Tweek onto his lap and I can see Tweek sigh.

"What do you guys wanna GAH do?" Tweek ask

Clyde says "Whatever you wanna do Base."

I just shrug my shoulders and put my hands behind my head. My legs spread open and I lean against the table. Tweek looks off towards the road with his tongue out and then he takes a sip from his coffee. I close my eyes and force down the feelings.

"Got it! GAH!!" Tweek says

I look over at him and he is smiling at me. I just wait for him to say something as I watch Clyde glare at me.

"We could... Fish!!!" Tweek says

I smile and begin to walk towards my house.

"I'll go get my fishing gear." I say

Tweek says " I'll come to help you out."

He jumps off Clyde's lap and Clyde was about to get up when Tweek stops him. Tweek sternly states at him when Clyde is about to say something. I smile to myself as I wait for Tweek to catch up.

   We get to my house and look for the fishing poles in the garage. After finding them we head back to the park. Clyde is sitting on the bench on his phone. Once all three of us set up at the pond we just talk and joke around.

"Craig you are to funny." Tweek says

I say " I know."

I pick up a worm and shove it in Clyde's face. He yelps real loud and falls backwards. Both Tweek and me started to laugh. Suddenly Clyde gets up and grabs Tweek's hand. Tweek struggles to get his hand free but Clyde has s tight grip. I was about to do something when he turns to face me.

"Craig We're no longer friends. So leave me and Tweek alone." Clyde says

Before I could do or say anything he walks off dragging Tweek along with him. Sitting there I just stare at the road in shock.

My best friend just ended our friendship.

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