Chapter 3

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(Still in Craig's pov)

The next day I woke up and felt very ill and fell back on my bed holding my stomach. My eyes close cause to pain and I quickly run to the bathroom. I hold onto the sink and look at myself in the mirror. My face was really pale, almost white. I had bags under my eyes and they were half way closed. Feeling my stomach do flips I fall onto the floor in front of the toilet.

" Craig Honey?" My mom says

I couldn't answer because I was puking my dinner up into the toilet. I can hear her running over to me and rub my back. After I was done I sat against the toilet and wiped my mouth.

" Your not going to school today. I'll call them up and tell them." She says

She helps my up and I walk to my room. Looking at my dresser I see my phone so I reach for it. Unlocking my phone I send a quick text to Clyde.

  I put it down and roll onto my right and close my eyes. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard my phone ring alerting me a text came through.

Grabbing my phone I read the text.



     Alright, that sucks but do u want me to bring ur homework over after school?

I quickly send a reply then put it on silent so I can sleep. Closing my eyes I imagine telling Tweek how I feel and he returns the feelings. I sadly smile knowing it won't happen. After that thought I fall into a deep sleep.

Clyde pov

I sigh as I walk into my next class and sit down. Without Craig I get bored in school so I sigh for the millionth time this morning. I try and pay attention to the teachers but fail.


Its lunch time and Im chilling at the table where me and Craig sit to eat lunch. Playing with my food I hear somebody twitch and saying too much pressure. Looking up I see Tweek twitch and sip some coffee.

I pick up my tray and walk over to Tweek. He jumps up and looks over at me. I smile at him and he just twitches some more.

" Do GAH! Know where Craig is? Gah!" Tweek asks

I say " Oh he's sick or something."

He sadly looks down at his thermal and I feel bad. I put a hand on his shoulder and he looks up at me.

" Do you wanna go see Craig after school? I'm supposed to take him his homework." I say

He smiles and nods his head so I just smile back. I pull out my phone and text Craig letting him know that Tweek is coming along.

" Hey Tweek do you know who Craig likes?" I ask while leaning on my hand

He's holding his thermal and right now its half way towards his mouth. After a minute he puts it on the table and his eyebrows furrow together.

" He likes somebody?" He asks

I nod my head and I see that his knuckles are turning white from gripping the thermal to tightly. I raise a eyebrow but dismiss it cause Tweek is wired. I start to eat my food and the whole lunch period Tweek seemed like he was in deep thought.

   I smile and leans against my locker when I get finished packing my bag up. I can't wait to get out of here. Just then I hear footsteps so I look up to see Tweek walking. I shake my head as he fails to stay calm and not twitch.

" Alright Clyde GAH! Im ready to go." He says

I smile at him and we begin to walk towards the double doors. As we're walking I begin to notices things about Tweek. I notice how cute he looked when I scared him. His eyes are a beautiful coffee color.

Wait what? What am I-

I stop mid thought because I hear Tweek twitching again. I sigh and look up to see Craig's house coming in view. Just then Tweek stopped and I look at him.

," Can we stop by my dad's coffee shop? I GAH get him GAH his favourite coffee flavor." He says

Nodding my head we begin to walk the other way towards the coffee shop.

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