Chapter 22

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I'm marching down the hall of my school, still mad about what Tweek told me. It kept swirling around up in my head.

Turning the corner I see Wendy and Cartman. Wendy is up against her locker while Cartman is standing in front of her with his hands on her hips. I quickly pass to the other side of the hall and smiled to myself. I'm glad that Wendy got Cartman back.



I hear Clyde yell and I shake my head. I want to help Tweek but I can't get in trouble at school no more. Hopefully he doesn't cause Tweek anymore damage. I remember the way he trembled against me when he told me what Clyde did.


"Tweek" I say " What did Clyde do?"

He looks back down at his feet as I wait for him to answer. I start to softly rub his arm and trace the hand prints. The more I feel the welts the more mad I got. Suddenly I feel his arm shake real bad so I pull him towards my body and wrap my arms around him.

"Clyde is a monster. GAH!" He says

I say " What do you mean?"

His chocolate eyes look up at me with tears forming. He grips my shirt and I can see that pain he has been caused in those big child like eyes. I gently take a hold of his wrist and stare in those brown eyes.

"He drinks and starts to get violent. The other day he started to beat me because he thought I did something some guy at a party I went to. He's a monster Craig." He says

I rub his back and say " Leave him."

"I can't." Tweek says " He threatened to kill me.


My fist start to shake as I walk into my third class. The teacher gave me a look and I quickly walk to my seat. Clyde shortly walks in and take his seat a few chairs from me. Throughout the class time I stare at Clyde. He just doodled in his notebook and answered questions.

   The bell rings and I quickly walk out to my locker. After putting my things away I turn to walk when I bump into somebody's back. That person turns and I instantly get mad.

"Clyde, Can you get out of my way." I say

He snicker and says " Why should I. I'm sure you would love to touch my butt.

" No I would love to punch you." I say low enough just for Clyde to hear

he's glaring at me and I try to walk pass when he pushes me. I stumble back and just snarl at him.

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