Chapter 2

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It was finally lunch and I was already tired. Yawning I stand at Clyde's locker waiting for him. I close my eyes when suddenly there was a loud slam and I jump. I trip over my shoe lace and fall on my fall. Hearing laugher I look up and see Clyde holding his stomach. So I get up and punch him in the arm. He makes a pain expression and hold his arm. I laugh and start walking as I fall to the ground with something heavy in my back.

" Clyde Your a heavy bastard! Get off!" I say

I try to push him off but he grips my wrist and hold them in place. I push my ass against his stomach and he falls back on his ass and I turn around. Just as I was about to get up Clyde climbs on top of me and sit on my stomach.

" Your not going anywhere" Clyde says

He raises his hands and has a smirk. I smile and shake my head but he moves his fingers along my sides. I start to laugh and try to push him off. My eyes water and I was about to push him off when I hear another laugh. I look up and see Tweek laughing and twitching at the same time. I smile and just keep staring at him. He stops laughing and walks by with a small smile.

" Craig why is your heart racing?"

I look at him and he's standing up staring at me. I stand up and nod my head. I grab my lunch bag and begin to laugh. He runs behind me and we arrive at the cafeteria.

   In the middle of lunch I see Tweek sit down by himself. I just stare at him as he sips from his thermal that's filled with coffee. After lunch I have three more classes.

The final bell rings and I quickly walk into the hallway. By the time I got done stuffing my bag I see a crowd of people. I sigh and was about to walk when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look around and my whole face heats up.

" Hi Craig, I was wondering if you could walk me to the coffee shop." Tweek asks

I say " Sure."

He smiles and he begins to walk away. All I do is stare at him as he is walking. Then I feel a slap in my back so I turn around.

" Sorry Clyde I'm walking with Tweek." Craig says

I didn't see what his expression was because I started to walk over to Tweek who standing waiting for me. I run to him and we walk through the double door.

   While walking I keep stealing glances at him, watching him twitch which I find kind if cute. He takes a few sips from his thermal and calms down for a few minutes. We reach the coffee shop his dad owns. He smiles at me and I smile back.

" Thanks Craig." He says

I say" No problem."

He grabs my arm and stands on his tippy toes. I feel his lips on my cheek and he walks inside. I stand there and rest a hand on my cheek staring at the door.


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