Chapter 26

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The next day I go back to school and avoided everybody. I didn't answer when the teachers called on me ur talked to my friends.

  I had to go see Mr. Macky but I didn't say a thing. He asked question after question and I would just make a noise or roll my eyes. By the time he let go, it was lunch time.

  Turning the corner I see Clyde and Tweek against my locker. Clyde is holding Tweek's face and their faces are a couple inches away.

"Clyde Please." Tweek says

Clyde smashes their lips together and my heart dropped even more. I couldn't take the sight no more so I walked away. The past hours got away from me and it shocked me it was time to go home.

I was walking to my locker when I see Tweek at my locker. He walks away and runs up to Clyde. They walk out the double doors and I walk to my locker. Opening my locker's door a folded piece of paper falls at my feet. I pick it up and quickly stuff it in my bag before I get my other books.


I get home and realize that my parents and little sister is gone. I sigh while strolling to the kitchen. Before I sit down on the sofa I shake my shoes off and I begin to through the channels. I settle for a cartoon channel.

   There's a knock at my door and it wasn't a normal knock. it seemed like the person was in a hurry. I quickly get up and answer the door.

   Butters is standing at my door with tears streaming down his cheeks and his shirt covered in red liquid. I raise a eyebrow at him and he begins to shake. I grab his shoulders and he looks at me.

"Its Kenny." He says

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