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Chapter 8

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I open my eyes and turn to my clock sitting on my side table. Sitting up I yawn and stretch. Smiling to myself I walk down the steps to the kitchen. While eating I start to think about how I can't wait to go to school to see Tweek.


   You kissed him yesterday

I drop the spoon and started to remember what happened. Sighing I finish my food and walk upstairs.

I step under the water and let it travel down my back. I lean my forehead against the cold tiles and close my eyes.

"I screwed up. Big time." I whisper to myself

While washing my hair and body I space out into my own world. Suddenly there is a big bang and I drop the soap on my foot. I hiss and step out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around my waist I open the door to see my dad standing there. Sighing I walk pass him and into my room.  Picking out my clothes I sit on my bed and turn the TV on. While watching my mind just wander to Tweek. The way his body is so girly but yet fits him so perfectly. When he is calmed down his mouth is slightly open and his eyes are half closed. I shake my head when I hear a bang on the door and fall out my trance.

“ Yo boy you have to leave now.“ My dad says

Before I walk out the front door I grab my bag and say my goodbyes. I bump into Clyde but he was making out with some girl against a building wall. I smile and pat him on the back. Still walking I see the blonde hair that's all over the place and a body shaking. I take deep breathes as I walk up to the bus stop. Tweek sees me and smiles at me. He waves with the free hand and tries not to spill his coffee that's in his other hand. Once I stopped and stood next to him I look down to see a warm smile and I smile back at him.

Another long day

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