Chapter 18

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The next morning I wake up and take a shower. While eating breakfast I remembered that I have to meet Wendy at 2 this afternoon.

After getting dressed I start to play my game. I couldn't focus cause what Wendy said was buzzing around in my head. She said that she knows how I can win Tweek.

How can that happen?

Then my mind went into daydream mode. Tweek is crawling up my body just to stop when we're at face level. My hands go to his waist and I smoke at him. He leans down with his eyes half closed with a smile upon his lips.

"Craig! Answer your damn phone! Its been going off for the last five minutes."

I shake my head and press the answer slide. I hear a voice and sigh.

Its Wendy's voice and I take her off speaker. pausing my game I pick my phone up to my ear.

" Yea what's up Wendy." I say

She says ". I'm leaving now cause its 1. See you soon."

She hangs up and it takes a minute for her words to sink before I jump up. I stumble all over my room bumping into my dresser and and hit my foot against the bed post. After hoping around from the pain I put my shoes on and run out the front door.

Walking towards the school I see Clyde running around with a couple friends. Sitting on the bleachers I see Tweek watching Clyde. Looking straight ahead I try not to glance at him. Not paying attention I walk into Wendy and fall backwards. Standing up I rub my lower back.

"Craig." Wendy says

I say "Wendy."

After a minute she sighs and says "Look I need you to pretend to my boyfriend."

I yell "What?! Why?!"

"To make Cartman jealous so I can get back with him." She says

I reply "How is that gonna help me with Tweek?"

"Cause he'll see how happy you are and become jealous. He'll come to you upset and bam! you two end up together!!" She says

Shaking my head I begin to walk away when she says something. I quickly turn around and stare at her, shocked.

"What did you say?!" I say

She says "If you don't help me then I'll tell everybody that you slept with Tweek."

I stare at her trying to figure out how she knew that. I look down at my feet and nod my head.

" Fine you win." I whisper

Next thing I know Wendy has her arms flung around my neck. She's smiling at me and kissing my cheek. Just then Craig and Tweek round the corner. They stop in their track and stare at what they see. Wendy is smiling at them while my arm goes around her waist. Craig is staring at us for a minute then he gives me a look.

"Well well Craig, aren't you a player haha." Clyde says

Clyde grabs Tweek's hand and pulls him along. As Tweek passes me, I can see something in his eyes. Wendy roll her eyes and gives me a kiss on cheek. She starts to talk as I look the way they left. Then she says something that catches my attention.

"What?!" I say

She says "People are not gonna believe us so we're gonna have to kiss or make out."

I make a face and Wendy just smiles while shaking her head. I close my eyes and let my mind clear a little bit. We walk down the street hand in hand much to my dislike. After a day of spending time with Wendy as her boyfriend I was ready to one; throw up, two;take a million baths and three; go to bed.

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