Kyman~The Crimson Denial by a_horrible_person
Kyman~The Crimson Denialby A Person
Heidi and Cartman are finally over so things turn back to what it always was with Kyle and Cartman.Kyle starts to develop a crush on his rival as he did a long time ago...
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South Park Yaoi by MidnightNoises
South Park Yaoiby A Nobody
Just a bunch a cute One-Shots!! Requests are welcome :-) I mainly do BoyxBoy Disclaimer: I do not own South Park or any of the characters involved. The images are not mi...
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Meant to be?  (Yaoi) by Red_PandaXx
Meant to be? (Yaoi)by Red_PandaXx
its a CartmanxButters story that turns into a Bunny (ButtersxKenny) story Kenny comes back from camp and finds out that the town's most innocent boy is with the town's m...
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South Park Yaoi (Lemons) by Oskar_Gyo
South Park Yaoi (Lemons)by Bae Jin
Will take requests! Request may be about people, settings, or even kinks. Hope you enjoy!
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Who Cares? (Raven x Kyley B) by Psycho_Nut
Who Cares? (Raven x Kyley B)by Psycho_Nut
"Who cares, Kyle? You left without saying goodbye, you can't just come back after six years and expect me to forgive you..." "For one, I ain't sayin you h...
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Fuck The Past🖕 by AnaLlerena
Fuck The Past🖕by Ana Llerena
Tweek really thought he had everything he could never have since he was that weird kid in school nobody really hungout with but things change and now he has really aweso...
  • kennyxtweek
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Between Kenny x Craig - A threeway (South Park FanFiction) by girlwhoknowsstuff
Between Kenny x Craig - A Andreea C-137
WARNING: Sexual content. She moves in with two hot, gay guys. Is it going to be awkward or sexy? Both. Yes, it's going to have Kenny x Craig yaoi. Don't be a homophobe.
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Forbitten Love by GothicUmbreon
Forbitten Loveby was @larissafnafyumi
[South Park: Pete x Mike Fanfiction] This is something I've been working on for a while now dedicated to my otp lol
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Stupid Little Whore by Friki15
Stupid Little Whoreby Sangre Friki
Kenny gets into a highly selective college without any money or even too good of grades. But how? Can he keep going like this? What happens when his new roommate comes a...
  • orangeparka
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Crenny   by 2proxy
Crenny by Maskedandhoodedproxy
Based on a roleplay I've done Tweets kinda psycho Craig is a poor boi with his heart for kenny And Kenny? Well Kenny is a princess
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•¨Yo puedo sentir¨• (Pete x Tweek) by UsagiNasod
•¨Yo puedo sentir¨• (Pete x Tweek)by Usagi Nasod
•Tweek Tweak ,empleado de la cafetería más conocida de South Park ,tiene problemas de concentración en el trabajo por problemas en su relación. Pete,el Red Goth es uno d...
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{Creek} Contamination by DaisyMuffins
{Creek} Contaminationby ! Yung Renegade !
When a deadly virus sweeps the planet, it seems hope is lost. Presuming surviving the inevitable apocalypse was a brilliant achievement, where would you go? Start a sur...
  • tweektweak
  • craigxtweek
  • lgbt
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South Park Oneshots Discontinued  by GreenTeaMenace
South Park Oneshots Discontinued by ThePandaQueen
Based off of the fan art I've found. I think it's cute, so I made fanfiction. Sometimes stories I've made are inspiration to
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Smut  by Furryboiii
Smut by Furryboiii
my first time writing smut The age of the characters can change IT/ST smut one-shots
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Kyle X Stan(Highschool) by _Yaoi_And_Yuri_
Kyle X Stan(Highschool)by Yaoi_Lover
(Updates slow)
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Penny OneShots (Pete Thelmen x Kenny McCormick)  by Strawberry_Goth
Penny OneShots (Pete Thelmen x F*ck the conformists
I know its a crack ship but I love it, warning lotta dark shit
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Angelo della morte➫Creek by mxlkshxk3
Angelo della morte➫Creekby 牛奶
❝Los ángeles más inocentes, son los que caen primero en las redes de la malicia❞
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  • yaoi
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Homewrecker➫K2 by mxlkshxk3
Homewrecker➫K2by 牛奶
❝Donde Kenny no era más que un destroza hogares❞
  • leopoldstotch
  • southparkyaoi
  • marinaandthediamonds
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Es que me gustas tu no más by NyruDesu
Es que me gustas tu no másby НируДэсу <3
Es la versión StanxKyle de otro fanfic mío con una amiga <3 AdriNath del mísmo name :)
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