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Chapter 16

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Clyde's pov

I'm walking into school looking for my boyfriend. Turning the corner I see that Tweek isn't at his locker struggling to open it. Looking at the time I lean against his locker waiting for him.

  A half hour later I hear somebody whispering and a sipping noise a second afterwards. Glancing up I see Tweek walking up with his bag on backwards and his hair messier then normal. He stops in front of his locker and doesn't speak to me.

"Hey babe." I say

He says nothing back. I sigh and lean down to kiss him on the cheek. He just takes a sip of his coffee and closes his locker. When he turns towards me I can see something swirling in his eyes.

"How was the party  last night ?" I ask

He says " It Gah was fun Gah."

I was about to say something when I see Craig walking around the corner. He stops at his locker and that's when I begin to kiss Tweek. I notice that Craig is grabbing his locker door tight. Smiling I grab Tweek's hand and pull him along with me. While we're walking to our first class I look over at Tweek and notice something on his neck.

  He looks up at me and what I saw was hidden. I smile down at him and look forward. Grabbing his hand to intertwine our fingers he let's his hand go limp against none hand. I raise a eyebrow but don't say anything. Hearing footsteps I slightly turn around to see Craig walking behind us. I forgot he has the first class with us today. Smirking to myself I start to plan out what I'm gonna do while on class. I know Craig likes Tweek and that Tweek likes him back. I wanna show Craig I can have whoever he wants.

   We walk into class and sit second to last seats in the back. Craig sits behind Tweek. The teacher isn't in the classroom so I let my hand rest on Tweek's knee and I can feel Tweek stiffen up. Rubbing his knee, my hand starts to travel upward towards his region. I can hear somebody grabbing their desk tightly behind us. I smile when I hear a chair scrape against the floor and foot steps. I watch as Craig sits down in front of us.

  The morning goes by fast and now we're walking into the cafeteria. Tweek seems to be his old self now and we're walking to my table. Sitting down I start to talk to Token.

"Yo what is Tweek looking at?" Token ask

Glancing at him I can see that he is stating at something or someone I should say. Following his glaze I see that he staring at Craig. Hes sitting at Kyle's table and smiling while talking. I was about to say something when I notice the mark I saw earlier on his neck.

"Tweek?" I say

He says"Yea"

"What's this mark on your neck?" I say touching the mark

He shrugs and doesn't say another thing. I stare at it for a few minutes before I realize what the mark is. I roughly grab Tweek's hand and yank him towards the double exit. door. He is making noises and trying to get me to stop. Not listening to him I shove him against the nearest locker. He winces from the pain but I don't care at this moment. He looks up at me and I can see that he starting to get scared.

"What are you doing with a hickey on your neck?" I say

His eyes widen and his right hand reaches up on the same spot the hickey is at.

"I t-thought it was Gah a b-b-bruise!!" He says

I slam my hand on the right side of his head and he yelps. I say "Why and how could you get a bruise on your neck?"

He shrugs his shoulders slowly and looks like he is about to cry. I take a couple deep breathes and walk back to the cafeteria. When I don't hear foot steps behind me I look back to see Tweek on the floor crying. Sighing I walk back over and sit next to him. Wrapping my arm around his shoulder Is notice he flinched a bit.

"I'm sorry Tweek." I say

He starts to sniffle and I rub his shoulder until he claimed down to small twitches. He turned my way and hugged me. I roll my eyes and hug him back. He is such a clingy guy and its starting to get on my nerves.

Foot steps are loud has I continue to hug him but tighter has the person pass by. Looking up I see a blue jacket and hat with a yellow ball on top. I smile as I help Tweek up.

  The rest of the day flies by as well and we're walking out the school building.

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