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It was really happening. My things were arriving by airmail and my transcripts had been sent to my new school. I was standing in said school with my stepfather and waiting to see my new principal. I looked around with some interest at the place he had picked for me. I had to wear a uniform, but everyone here seemed nice and cheerful.

The woman at the front desk had greeted us with a smile. No one had taken away my cell phone. The students I had seen had all smiled shyly or watched with interest as I walked through the halls. It was co-ed and he said they had a very good science program. I was surprised he noticed that my marks in the sciences were the best.

The door opened and a rather neat looking middle aged man stood there with a smile. They shook hands like they knew each other. I was ushered in and given a class schedule. They asked if it was to my liking, but I was a little taken aback at being asked for input. Did they want to know how I felt? Why? Weren't they just going to give me whatever suited them?

"Could I swap music for a different art? I am not very good with an instrument and I don't really like it." I was not just testing them, I really hated music class at my last school. The principal nodded and consulted a sheet in front of him.

"You will have to drop back to Beginner Fine Arts if you want to take that instead. You don't have the prerequisites for the advanced class. If you take it over the summer though too, you can continue through into university. Will that do?" He smiled at us both and I nodded to my stepfather. He shook hands with the man and I passed back my schedule for changes.

"I really hope you like it here. I used to attend this school when your principal was a teacher." He said to me as we waited for the administrative assistant to return with my new schedule.

"Thanks. It seems really nice. I think I will." I told him honestly. My hands shook a little when I took my schedule back, and I stared at the changes like I almost didn't believe they would be there. My head jolted up when a girl knocked on the door and came in with a smile.

"Emily here will show you around today. She is one of our top students. Emily dear, why don't you attend all his classes with him today and then if he feels comfortable with going alone tomorrow then you can return to yours." He said to her kindly. She nodded enthusiastically and asked to see my timetable.

"Um, sorry for taking you from your classes." I said quietly. She grinned.

"Are you kidding? It is fine, really. I am ahead in most of them anyways. Come on, I will show you to your first class and get you introduced. You haven't missed much." She grabbed my hand and I waved goodbye to my stepfather as she dragged me out of the room. He was chuckling at my alarmed look. Soon I was standing in front of a French door looking in on a relaxed room.

Everyone was sitting in their seats. The teacher was reading out a list of names and the students were responding. I hesitated, but Emily didn't. She pulled me in and introduced me to the teacher. No one called me names, no one was rude or interrupted the teacher when he greeted me. It was... normal and rather nice. I smiled really big and took my seat.

I was happy.

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