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I stood uncomfortably in the doorway as my mother gasped dramatically and held out her arms to me. I rolled my eyes when she clasped me to her like a long lost prodigal son. As if she hadn't been the one to send me off to that awful place. My senses caught movement in the room with us and I spotted a young looking man in a black tuxedo watching us with narrowed eyes.

"Who the hell is that?" We both said at nearly the same time. He watched me carefully and I appraised him.

"Oh! Darling this is my son, Gregory. Greg baby, this is my new husband Mark." She introduced us a little nervously. I looked at her incredulously.

"How old are you Greg?" He asked me sharply. I shrugged as my mum tried to shush me.

"I am 17. How long have you been married?" I said directly. He frowned and turned to my mother.

"Two months, I thought you said you were in your twenties?" He growled at her with a rather stern look. She tried to laugh and make excuses.

"Oh well, I don't really know... I mean I don't really celebrate my birthdays." She waved her hand around and tried to play innocent. Stupid woman, she had a real problem with the truth.

"She is thirty-eight, and she has been divorced three times before so you won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to stick around." I interjected harshly. He looked over to me, surprised and I smiled tightly after shooting a glare at my mother. He crossed his arms over his rather broad, strong looking chest and seemed to be thinking things over.

My mother was glaring at me and shaking a little in her shoes. Serves her right. If she had just told the fellow the truth from the start, then she wouldn't have to worry now. I came in the room the rest of the way and took a seat on the couch with a sigh. I was rather shocked when he came and sat next to me. I looked over at his rather set face. He wasn't leaving after all. Interesting.

"Anything you want, Greg. Name it and it's yours." He said to me. My brows hit the roof and I stared at him while my mother spluttered.

"What?" I clarified.

"For telling me the truth. Go on, anything your heart desires." He licked his lips and watched me carefully. My eyes lit up a little as I thought about it.

"I don't want to go back to boarding school." Was the first thing out of my mouth. He smiled and nodded. My mother spluttered excuses about having to discuss it first and I looked over at her in disappointment. I knew it. She would never let me stay here.

"Done. Kelly, you told me the reason you sent him to that school was because you couldn't be here to look after him. Well, now I am here and I am more than willing to watch him while you go away on business. I think it is a good idea for him to go to school here. Is there one school in particular that you would like to go to?" He turned to me and I was staring at him in shock. I shook my head a bit, still feeling like this was surreal.

"Honey, are you sure you want to just take on a burden like that? I mean, we haven't even had a honeymoon yet... are you sure you want him sticking around?" She was biting her fat, lipsticked bottom lip in an attempt to be seductive but he was ignoring her. He was angry with her and I made a note not to piss him off myself.

"I will have a look around and pick the best one, alright?" He said to me nicely. I nodded, for some strange reason I trusted this man I had just met. When he smiled I understood why my mother had snatched him up as quickly as she could. He was a very good looking man, and I couldn't help but smile shyly back.

"Dinner is served." The old man who had always looked after the place came in with impeccable timing. I got up and followed my new stepfather into the dining room to eat.

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