What Did You Call Me?

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A Special ~ From Mark with Love

Awkward moments. All this family brought me from the moment I first met them was awkward moments. From the first day I saw Kelly at the gala it had been one strange ride. I had never met a more daring woman, and honestly I hoped I never would again.

Many thought I was crazy for saying yes to marry Kelly, but at the time I hadn't had any good reason to say no. She was beautiful, smart, and had been amazingly nice to me. I couldn't see past her mask. Not until her son had ripped it off her time and again.

Her son. Now that was a whole lot of awkward. Not just in the teenage boy drama, growing up kind. He was just as crazy as his mother, but in all the best ways possible. He had no filter. He took wild chances. He fell in love with... me.

If I had one regret in all of this, it was that I didn't meet Greg first. Just the thought of our first meeting when he had laid all of Kelly's lies out on the table without flinching... gives me chills. He had thrown my life upside down in a second.

Suddenly I had troubles trusting my own wife. I didn't think it was possible that someone could live so deeply in their own made up world like she had. She believed he was in the wrong for telling me all that. She thought I wouldn't care about any of it.

I did care, but not about her age or her son. I cared that she lied to me right from the start. I cared that she continued to lie to me, right up to the moment I said it was enough. Why some people think it's okay to string another person along like that, I'll never understand.

But in the end, I guess it was all worth it. If I hadn't been strung along by Kelly, I might never have met the love of my life. Greg. Wonderful, eccentric, talented Greg. The boy who made me question my own sanity.

I felt drawn to him. I loved spending time with him even if we weren't talking. He shared my enjoyment of video games, didn't make a face when I put my feet on the coffee table, and loved my cooking.

If I had known... well, the past is past. Now, I am one divorced but not single man living the dream. Back in the apartment that I loved, with a man who made my heart flutter when he smiled at me. A person who understood what it meant to commit.

My phone rang in my pocket and I took it out with a quick glance before answering it. I could hear noise in the background and held the phone away from my ear. There was talking, but no one had said anything to me yet.

"Hello?" I asked carefully. "Greg, is that you?"

"Mark! Mark baby you won't believe what just happened!" Greg was practically shouting into the phone and I was glad it was away from my ear.

"Yeah? Tell me." I replied with a smile.

"I sold the big painting! The company wants six more for their offices in Europe. This is my big break. I got an advance for the next two, and I have to go pick up supplies on my way home. I'm gonna be practically living at the studio though..." He shouted at someone in the background and I winced.

"No stupid! Wait for me! I have to finish this phone call!"

"Hurry up then. I'm meeting my husband at seven."

"Do you need me to let you go?" I ask him with a patient sigh. He fumbles with the phone.

"Yeah, sorry. I'll be home for dinner though, okay?" He assured me. I shook my head.

"Alright. Go on. I'll see you later. Thank you for letting me know." I hung up on him and turned back to my computer. I had more time before he got back, so I might as well finish these changes. I bit my lip and scanned over the page, correcting as I found the problematic bits that we had gone over.

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