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I was disoriented when I woke up in a strange bed. Then the smells and memories hit me. I laid there contentedly with his arm still draped across my body. It was Christmas day, and this was officially the best one ever. I woke up next to someone I loved. I turned over enough to look at his rumpled cuteness and licked my lips. I saw him crack an eyelid and grin at me.

"Merry Christmas Greg." He whispered.

"Merry Christmas Mark." I whispered back. He pulled me closer and tucked my head under his chin. He smelled really good. My little Mr. woke up and said hello to his knee. I blushed and burrowed deeper into his chest.

"Let's go grab some food before we open our gifts.' He suggested. I nodded and reluctantly got up out of bed. I yawned dramatically before he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. We both worked on breakfast. I cracked eggs and mixed milk into them, he heated up the pans and laid bacon out to cook. I poured the scrambled eggs into the pan and then set the table while he watched the food cook.

It was simple. The morning was quiet. I even sighed in contentment when he turned on the radio low to play carols, not caring that he was humming along slightly off-key. He and I finished off the food on our plates, and then he dragged me out of the kitchen without even washing up a single thing. He was excited, grinning and pulling my arm like a kid.

I sat down in front of the small tree next to him and passed him the first gift. He opened up the robe and put it on right away, thanking me and stroking the soft fabric. It fit him perfectly. I couldn't see his nipples poking out anymore and was slightly disappointed with myself for the practical gift. He passed me a gift and I opened it up. It was a set of new brushes for my art station and I was excited to try them out.

Back and forth we went, him receiving the game with a big grin and I got a warm pair of fleece moccasins. He laughed when I handed him his stocking full of food. There were nuts, oranges, chocolates and even some candy canes inside. I also put in a couple free movies vouchers and a bag of really expensive coffee beans too. He gave me a hug and then handed me a card.

I opened it up, prepared for some serious Christmas cheesy-ness. It delivered on the outside... and the inside. A folded up paper fell out onto the floor and I picked it up absently as I finished reading the sentiments. It was even signed, 'love Mark.' Love. Love Mark. It rolled around in my brain and had me grinning ear-to-ear.

'I love you too, Mark.' I said, leaning over to kiss him. He grabbed my hand at held it up between us.

"Read it." He insisted. I focused on the paper and unfolded it in my hands. It took me a second to actually figure out what I was seeing. The seal on the top left corner made it very official looking.

"Is this..?" I read the form carefully. It was.

"It's official. I am a free man. Now are you going to ask me out, or what?" He grinned at me. I threw the paper up in the air and cheered.

"Yes! Dammit do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for that stupid piece of paper?" I crawled over and sat in his lap, kissing his laughing face.

"I don't know; why don't you tell me?" He breathed. I hugged him tightly and sighed in relief.

"Feels like forever, but probably just since the moment I laid eyes on you." I replied honestly. His eyebrows hit the roof as he held me on his lap.

"Excuse me? You mean...." He looked at me with a question in his eyes.

"I liked you since then? Oh probably. I didn't admit it to myself until after the boyfriend incident, but I am pretty sure I was well on my way to loving you from that first Christmas together. I couldn't wait to steal you away from my idiot, blind mother." I responded. He shook his head thoughtfully.

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