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His Good Girl by Yummy260592
His Good Girlby Yummy260592
I look out the window behind him and take both of his hands in mine. Should I tell him? Would I open up old wounds that I've tried so hard to heal, for him? I look into...
Unfaithful by boyloveangel
Unfaithfulby Angel
My mother never could keep to one man. It wasn't like I went out of my way to fall in love. She was just blind, and he was just... perfect. It was impossible not to fall...
Endless Summer🌞 by fancyfyanzy
Endless Summer🌞by Teemah Shawai❣
Hanan Shafiq is a normal 22 year old obsessed with fashion. She was unaffected by the craze of internationally famous Muhsin Khaleed. No, she didn't have time for fangir...
Interstellar Love by sunshinedaisies2000
Interstellar Loveby sunshinedaisies2000
A look of shock flashes over his face before he disguises it with a smirk and says," Is that so? Well then, I guess that means I'll have to stay by your side all ni...
Iqbaal adalah Iqbaalku 2 : LDR [STOPPED] by awxyx_
Iqbaal adalah Iqbaalku 2 : LDR [ 세훈 찬열
'It's all about my long distance relationship with the guy who never can stop loved me and his fans'
It's Only You// Payton Moormeier 🌷 💖 by MysteryWriter113
It's Only You// Payton Moormeier � Payton is my baby ❤🥺
"I don't only want you for parts of you, I want you for all of you babygirl" This is story is how you {y/n} fall in love with your new neighbour Payton Moorme...
Midnight Decisions | Herophine by aggelikisouka
Midnight Decisions | Herophineby Aggeliki Souka
⚠️⚠️⚠️ WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️ *Mature Content *Violence *Strong Language *Read at your own risk* Thank you @XxTardinxX for this amazing edit, check her account on Instagram it's...
Just in Time by TheWritersClub_
Just in Timeby TheWritersClub_
Simone, a 20 year-old entrepreneur that just got out of a relationship with her highschool sweetheart. She had invested so much into her ex that she didn't know where, w...
Ocean Eyes // A JESSA STORY by Joshandnessa4ever
Ocean Eyes // A JESSA STORYby Catrina Louise
Nessa is best friends with Katie Richards. Katie's brother is the famous Josh Richards. Nessa never felt feelings until that night. Now, she doesn't know how to hide her...
Guilty Pleasure by SPOKENLIVES
Guilty Pleasureby SPOKENLIVES
Fantasies of Your Two Daddies Pac and Vante. Request Are Open? [Ranking 1 in 90's] [Ranking 7 in 90's] [Ranking 22 in 90's] [Ranking 16 in 90's] [Ranking 5 in Jodeci] ...
The Girl On The Swing by milesstory
The Girl On The Swingby Mile
To say Layla wasn't happy with her life would be an understatement. Controlled by fear and haunted by ghosts of her past, she lived from day to day. Always the same, alw...
Instagram j.g by MariRue
Instagram j.gby Looney Lovegood
@jackgilinsky liked your photo @jackgilinsky is now following you I saw a bunch of these so I decided to make one #5 in relationshipgoals #2 in Claudia #78 in jackgi...
Why So Long? by Esjay1O1
Why So Long?by Suzzy James
Life they say is not all rainbows and unicorns and that's mostly not very difficult to prove, but if you are still in doubt, then just check out my tragedy of a life. Y...
Fanfictionalized ✔ by SteelerHeart
Fanfictionalized ✔by Professional Bullshitter
Fanfictionalized (verb): when real life events mirror those in fictional stories written by fans. Fanfictionalized (noun): a story by an extremely sarcastic girl who is...
Ethan Dolan Imagines by Okayyy__beyonce
Ethan Dolan Imaginesby °bianca°
A couple of imagines of Ethan Dolan. Enjoy :) *All written by me. It's really bad so beware.* Please VOTE and COMMENT on your favorite stories.
Online Fun (Zarry) by -KingH
Online Fun (Zarry)by King H
Zarry social media posts.
seaycee// one shots by sandk2125
seaycee// one shotsby sandk2125
-just for fun, cute fluffy one shots about two incredible dancers who just so happen to be soulmates:) -please leave your thoughts and any constructive criticism in the...
A VolleyLife With You (Book 1) by margskieee
A VolleyLife With You (Book 1)by heyyou!
From stranger to friends. Friends to lovers. It all started from a staredown.
Boyfriend Imagines by darkchocobeauty
Boyfriend Imaginesby • cece •
Basically is what it is... Requests are CLOSED! 7 Feb 2017: #281 in Random 5 May 2017: #810 in Romance 28 Aug 2018: #47 - #boyfriendgirlfriend 31 Aug 2018: #5 - #boyfri...
Drarry OneShots  by ImaDrarry_mess
Drarry OneShots by BxB is my thing ♡
Just cute short stories about Drarry lol I got #1 relationship goals 🥺✌️