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I woke up with my head thrown back and my mouth wide open. I closed it carefully and smacked my lips a few times to get rid of the dryness. Then I cracked a lid to look around the living room. It was starting to light up from the sun just peeking through the curtains. I was warm and rumpled from the body that still was strewn across mine. It weighed me down comfortably.

I closed my eyes again and laid back on the couch, contemplating last night. I kicked myself a little bit for stopping, but knew my inner sense of morals would have had me regretting anything else. I would have always doubted this relationship if we rushed into it without clarity on both sides. I hadn't told him I loved him yet, and he wasn't divorced from my mother.

That weighed really heavily on me. More so than the physical presence of him crushing me into the couch. What if he got the divorce and said 'see ya later' instead? What if my mother refused to give one? That was unlikely. She would want to have some incentive for the next man who was too moral to drop his pants for her. I felt the man on top of me begin to stir and hugged him tightly to me, rubbing his back as he blinked awake.

"Hey." He said groggily. I smiled and pecked a kiss on his forehead. He really was adorable with his rumpled hair in the mornings.

"Hey." I replied back. "Did you want some breakfast? I'm still a little full from last night."

"Urgh, coffee. I want a cup of coffee." He grumbled. I chuckled and shook my head at his cuteness.

"I'd love to oblige, Mark, but you are kind of holding me down." I whispered it to him gently. He blinked at me and took stock of the situation. Then he nodded in understanding, and instead of getting off of me so I could start the coffee maker, he curled in closer and buried his face in my neck. It tickled and I squirmed a little in discomfort.

That made it rather obvious that we were both sporting morning wood. I felt the rumble of his laugh more than I heard it and blushed even though he wasn't looking. When he did peek up at me, it was to my reddened cheeks and sheepish look. He kissed me as he disentangled himself from my body on the couch and got up. The way his fingers ran along my cheek as he stood up was familiar and gave me a chill.

"I'll put the coffee on. Why don't you go shower first and get comfortable?" He mused as he rolled his head around to reduce the crick in his neck and stretched his arms out before heading through the door to the kitchen area. I got up and cat stretched before heading down the hallway to the washroom. A hot shower and a quick rub down was perfect for resetting tired limbs, and things.

I got into some pajamas and made my way back to the kitchen. Mark offered me coffee, but I didn't want to accidentally stunt my growth or anything. Old wives' tales or not, I didn't want to take the chance of losing a couple inches. I had orange juice instead. He had made quick egg and cheese English muffins for us both while I was showering.

He took off after he was done and I waited to do the dishes until I heard the shower shut off. He came out as I was finishing the last one and thanked me. I shrugged and followed him back into the living room. He flopped on the couch and after only a moment's hesitation I followed him. I flopped down next to him and curled up against him.

"Do you want to play video games?" I bit my lip and looked up at him. He turned on the television and shook his head.

"Nope, I want to watch Christmas specials with you. Let's see what they have on Netflix." He flipped through the holiday selection and picked an old classic.

"Are you planning to watch cheesy holiday movies all Christmas Eve-Day with me?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well yeah. Your mother hated them. If you don't then I absolutely plan to watch them with you all day. Do you mind?" He looked hopefully at me and I didn't have the heart to say no. He wanted a thing with me, something special for just us. I could do that.

"I don't mind at all." I allowed. Then I got comfortable to watch. It was a marathon of one Christmas special movie after the other, breaking to go to the toilets or grab food, and getting up once to answer the door. That was Mark's day. He looked really happy, and I was really comfortable so I couldn't complain. It was nice- if a little over the top on the carols, music and holiday cheer.

Whenever I got up I insisted he not pause the movies. I grabbed the pillow off of my bed at one point so I could stretch out with my feet up over his lap and take a nap on the couch. We had awoken much earlier than usual without the blackout blinds that covered the bedroom windows. It was even nice when I woke up to him rubbing my feet absently.

The day was quiet. I sent a few holiday wishes to my friends and my father. I went on social media and looked at funny holiday posts. I lazed the day away with my almost boyfriend. I panicked and second-guessed myself on the gifts I bought him and silently stabbed myself for what I wrote to him in the card I bought. Then I calmed myself and rationalised all the reasons why my gifts and card were perfect.

We both started yawning in the evening after munching on some chicken salad sandwiches made by yours truly. I was going to head off to my own room, but Mark grabbed my waistband and pulled me into the master bedroom with my pillow in my arms. I was going to protest, but he kissed me before the words even made it out of my lips.

"I know. We'll just sleep. Okay?" He pouted at me and I caved. I crawled into the big bed and he spooned me from behind. I do believe it was one of the best nights sleep I have ever had in my life.

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