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We walked back up to the condo in silence, both of us still feeling the glow of the evening. He held my hand the whole way. At the door he turned to me with a shy smile. I gave him a strange smile back. What was he up to?

"I just wanted to thank you for a great evening. I had a really good time." He said to me in a low voice. I could hear a smile creeping in his words. Was he...?

"You are very welcome." I squeezed his hand and tilted my head. He bit his lip and I followed the movement, distracted.

"Did you... did you want to come in for a nightcap?" He teased me. I shook my head with a grin.

"Idiot. I live here you know." I leaned in mock-conspiratorially. He grinned and then looked up in mock-surprise.

"Oh! How did that get there?" He faked. I looked up to see his other hand holding the stick with a mistletoe dangling off of it. I rolled my eyes.

"How the hell did you get that?" I moved in close and his other hand wrapped around my waist, pulling me in closer.

"Your grandfather slipped it to me on the way out." He breathed before claiming my lips in a gentle kiss. I sighed a little into the warmth and he angled his head. His tongue slid across my lip before ducking inside my mouth to caress my tongue. My eyelids fluttered and I moaned as he dragged his teeth across my bottom lip and plunged it in again.

This was my first real  kiss. The first time someone had claimed my lips so fiercely and passionately. The first time I felt like my bones went missing while I wasn't looking. I was turned fluidly and pressed up against the outside of the door, neither of us thinking about the fact that we were still outside the condo. My head was swimming and I struggled to keep up.

"Get a room you two. Merry Christmas." We both turned to see our very drunk neighbour with a giggling girlfriend staggering down the hall to their own door. Mark grinned and opened the door, making us both stagger inside the empty entryway. Then he pushed me back against the door and tried to help me out of my jackets. We were both chuckling and fighting with fabric, laying breathless kisses on each others' jaws.

It wasn't until he pulled me flush against his body and I felt the enormity of his real feelings for me that my brain started going off like a siren. I wanted this, but not until we were officially something. More importantly, I wanted him when he was no longer tied to her. I was aching, dripping, begging for it under my clothes... but my brain made me slow down.

"Mark... I can't do this tonight. I want to... so desperately I can't even... but I want you to be all mine, and... I want to be all yours." I clung to his shoulders and hung my head onto his chest, blowing hard from all the breathless kissing we had been doing.

"Dammit. You are right, again of course. Can we just... I want to keep kissing you." He kissed my forehead and I tilted my head back up for another deep kiss. I moaned at the delicious taste of him. He pushed back and my head tilted back to be cradled by his hand gently. I was at the mercy of that skilled tongue, and it was leading me into the best kind of temptation.

He surprised me, picking me up and then dumping me onto the couch in the living room. His heavy body collapsed onto mine and his head rested right over my heart. It was beating hard and fast from the excitement. He chuckled again, wrapping his arms tightly around me and struggling to calm his own racing heart as we laid there.

It was very comfortable. I relaxed under him, bringing my own arms around to hold him close to me and laying back for comfort. He shifted and I opened my legs to let one of his knees to drape between my legs with the other on the outside, tangling them together intimately. My whole body thrummed with want, especially my lower body, but I ignored it.

It took a long time for our breathing to even out. Even longer for our hearts to stop pounding out of our chests. Eventually though, we had that same comfort that we felt every day. Soon his breathing slowed and his weight draped heavily in sleep. At some point, my brain said fuck it and I fell asleep with him in my arms, fully clothed.

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