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"Quit pestering me." He growled. I pouted and tried to look over his shoulder at the bowl full of cookie dough. It looked pretty delicious just like that, with all the chocolate chips and sugar. Yumm. He elbowed me and his body went flush with mine when he stepped back to move to where I had set up cookie sheets like he asked. Oh yumm.

I nearly moaned from the feeling of his warmth pressed against mine. I knew why people liked dancing so much. It was a great excuse to rub against someone else's warmth. I wanted to follow him across the kitchen but he shoved me with one hand down onto a stool to wait for him and pointed his finger sternly.

"Behave." He demanded. I just smiled innocently at him. I watched him spoon the cookies onto the sheets and then flatten them before putting them in the oven.

"When are they going to be ready?" I asked. He shook his head.

"You aren't getting any today. They are for Charles and his family for Christmas." He replied firmly.

"Awe, but I want a cookie." I complained. I batted my eyelashes at him and he shook his head again.

"Nope. I told you, I am making them for Christmas." He responded. I came over and hugged him from behind gently. I went up on my tippy toes, put my head on his shoulder and begged.

"Pretty please?" I said sweetly. He looked over at me and I could see him thinking about it now. "It's just... you make the best cookies in the whole world. I would suffer if I had to smell them and not eat one." I nodded as he looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I grinned and squeezed his waist. "Pleeeease."

"Oh fine. One cookie. That's it. Now go... do laundry or something." He was blushing when I dropped back down and hugged him one more time tightly before walking away. This was really fun. I had been able to flirt with him way more since I invited him to the family Christmas. He let me get a little touchy-feely with him too. Nothing terribly risque yet, but hugging and the odd kiss seemed permitted.

I was feeling my teenage hormones with a vengeance now. Blue balls were just a fact of life when you lived so close to someone you had the hots for. It was getting harder and harder not to drop my morals and go all 'Emily' on him. She thought I should dress up in a bow for Christmas and lay under the tree. I was a little tempted, but decided to get him a new video game instead.

I may have had the ulterior motive of wanting to play with him (the video game you dirty people), but that was besides the point. I also got him a nice robe, because I was going to rape him one of these days if he kept walking around in nothing but low-slung flannel pants and a tight white tee. It was especially difficult in the mornings when my lower half was inclined to not listen and his bed-head was beyond adorable.

Oh, and my dad did stockings in his family too. So I got Mark and I both fluffy white ones to fill with chocolate and other little goodies. I discovered candy canes and now could not be seen very often without one hanging from my mouth. Mark would glare at me and say it was dangerous. Don't think I didn't see how he would stare at my mouth though. Heh.

I decided I would head to my room and finish putting away my notes from this past semester. Exams went pretty well and I was feeling rather confident for the new year coming up. I put all my notes into two binders, taking out all the spare paper and fitting them with dividers so I could find them later. I labeled the binders and stuck them on my bookshelves. Then I put my text books next to them.

It was strange to see my room so clean. All my pens and highlighters were back in their holder on my desk. My laptop wasn't covered in sticky notes about due dates. Even my floor was absent of crumpled notes and attempts at assignments. I had empty binders waiting for my next set of classes and I had yet to get a book list to purchase my new text books.

I flopped on my bed and heard the rustle of paper. I scrunched my nose and went looking for what made the noise with a hand behind my pillow. A book had fallen down between the mattress and headboard, so I pulled it out carefully. Then I paled at what I held in my hands. Oh crap. This was Emily's book.

"Hey Greg, the cookies are ready." I heard the voice at the door and my head snapped to look at him with guilt written all over it. He looked down at what I held in my hands and raised a brow. I screamed unnecessarily and threw the book across the room like it was a rabid animal. He jumped and then started to laugh so hard I thought he might hurt himself.

"I told you Emily was weird!" I hissed as I tried to shake the nasty off my hands. He went over to pick up the book from the floor and I protested. "No! Don't touch it. It might taint you." 

"Honestly Greg, I think you are overreacting a little." He was still chuckling a bit as he turned the book over in his hands. I shook my head at him sadly.

"You think that now." I gave him a look and then left my room, giving wide berth to the book with a wary eye. I had more important things to worry about though, like if my cookies were getting cold. They smelled so good laid out on the counter in their golden yumminess. I grabbed one and put it on a plate quickly before it burned me. Then a glass of milk. Maybe...

"Don't even think about it Greg. I counted them." Mark bellowed from down the hall. I looked over wide eyed and backed away from the cookies.

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