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"So what are you getting me for Christmas?" Mark asked me nonchalantly while we were blowing up aliens. I scoffed at him and furiously tapped the buttons.

"You can't ask me that. I won't lie to you but don't think I'm going to tell you anything either." I retorted. He chuckled.

"Hey, I can try." He muttered. I shook my head and grabbed a handful of popcorn before the next wave came at us.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. My dad invited us to Christmas dinner at his place. Do you wanna go?" I coughed and grabbed a sip of water, tapping with one hand and trying not to die. I should have grabbed a straw. I looked over when Mark didn't answer back right away. He was biting his lip.

"Uh, sure I guess. If you don't mind me tagging along." He finally replied, realising I guess that I was still waiting for an answer. I looked him over and noticed that he seemed a little embarrassed or something.

"What? Tagging along? Aren't you going to be my date?" I was grinning when his head whipped around to look at me.

"What? Your date? Are you asking me out?:" He died in the game from lack of concentration and I paused it so I could look at him without dying too.

"Well yeah. I mean I had always planned to eventually. I thought you might want some time before jumping back into dating. Besides, wouldn't it be weird if we started dating right away after you and my mother split up?" I tilted my head to look at him and he seemed to be weighing my words.

"You are right, of course. I just thought, maybe with school and your dad... you might have changed your mind, or... or given up or something." He was avoiding my gaze and rubbing his mouth like he did when he was unsure. Geez, this man was seriously cute. I smiled and crawled over to him, pecked him on the lips, and then crawled back to sit back in my seat.

"Nope. Not a chance. I was just being patient. If you don't want me to though...." I grinned at him and reset our game to start over. He grinned back, grabbing up his controller and turning back to the screen with purpose.

"We'll see." He murmured. That was such an adult thing to say.

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