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"I really hate ties." I muttered as I glared down at the offending piece of clothing. I looked in the mirror at the slick tuxedo jacket and shiny red vest that fit to perfection. I had grown into my own over the last few years and I looked damn good if I do say so myself. Mark was right, I was one sexy-ass mofo now. I glanced over to see said man walking over to me and shaking his head.

"You still haven't figured out how to tie one of these things yet?" He fixed my tie and kissed me gently.

"Come on lover-boys, you are going to be late." I heard Emily's wry voice from the doorway. I turned with a grin to see her hungrily watching us smooch. Gross fangirl. We followed her out the door and down to the waiting limousine. Mark slung an arm across the back of the seat and we exchanged glances at each other the whole way.

"I can't believe this day is finally come." Mark murmured to me. I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder the rest of the way there. I wouldn't be able to stay with him when we arrived. I had to go into the back room and get ready for the procession. I wanted to savour these moments today, as much as I possibly could.

"We're here. Good luck Greg." Emily smiled and pulled Mark out of the limo to head inside. I went around to the side door and gave them my name.

"Okay, go in that room over there to get a robe and then find your class in the waiting room down the hall." The coordinator said. I went and did as he asked, getting a robe from the woman in the room and then zipping it closed on my way to the next room with another guy.

"Jesus, these things are hot. Why the hell do they have us wear suits underneath?" He grumbled. I silently agreed. It was even worse that they made us all stand around in a small room, crammed together before the ceremony. I found my class in a corner next to a window and sighed in relief as I felt the breeze on my face.

"Greg! Baby! We are graduating today... tell me you love me!" I rolled my eyes at the petite red-head that plastered himself against me. Then I put my hand on his face and wrenched him off me.

"No. Bad puppy. Down." I growled at him. I heard Cherry laugh as she approached us and grabbed a hold of the offending person for me.

"Don't mind Cody, he's just a little excited. Aren't you boy? Yeah, you are such a good boy." She patronized him as he tried to squirm out of her strong grip.

"Lemmie go!" He whined. She laughed at him and shook her head.

"Nope, not unless you promise to leave Greg alone." She grinned at me. I thanked her with a look. She waited for him to agree before letting him go so he could straighten his robes again. "Alright, selfie before we go in. Come on boys." 

I smiled and put bunny ears behind Cody's head while she took the picture. Then we had to line up and file into the big main hall with all the waiting family members. I saw Charles, Annabelle and my baby brother Bradley standing next to my boyfriend Mark and my best friend Emily. They watched with pride as I graduated from University.

I wasn't the best in my class, nor valedictorian, but I had done my best and gotten good marks. I made friends, like Charlene who would kill you if she heard you use her real name and Cody who followed me around like a lost puppy. He had been trying ever since second year to get in my pants, not that I ever encouraged him. It wouldn't work anyways. We were both bottoms and I was still in love with Mark.

Mark. The man I never would have found if my mother hadn't married him. The caring friend, steadfast lover, and all around good guy. I may have had to wait two years to claim him, but it had been worth every second. Now that I was a man, my own man in fact... I was gonna ask him to marry me. I had a feeling he might say yes.

Because he knew I would never be unfaithful.

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