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My alarm was the sound of my mother blaring Christmas carols through the house until I staggered down the stairs barely awake. I was unfortunately conscious enough to see her version of pajamas, which was a pairing of nearly see-through negligee and matching robe. Not what any boy really wants to see first thing on Christmas morning.

Especially not my gay ass. The other sight I got to see, however, was quite nice. Mark was in a rather tight white t-shirt and red with green plaid flannel pants. We were both ushered into the dining room for a rather large spread. I made a bee-line to the stack of French toast and piled three on my plate before anything else.

"Nice pajamas, geek boy." Mark teased me as he elbowed his way to grabbing a stack of them for himself. I stuck my tongue out at him and patted my awesome lego Batman fleece onesie. My mother came up behind me and stuck a set of reindeer ears on my head while I was chowing down. I just winced and glared in her general direction.

"Let's go open gifts after we are done here." She ordered more than suggested. I shrugged, then panicked a little internally. I hadn't gotten her anything, only Mark. I even wrapped his gift myself, with a little help from William of course. I wondered how mad she was going to be. Oh well, might as well enjoy my last meal as a free man.

"Don't worry Master Greg, I picked something from her list to give on your behalf as I always do. She will love it." I heard the same William whisper discretely to me as he filled my cup with fresh hot tea. I looked up gratefully and smiled.

"I hope you got yourself something good too." I said pertly. He laughed a bit and moved on to get Mark some more coffee.

"Of course sir. You were very generous." He replied with a twinkle in his eye. I was really starting to like that guy. I waited for my mother to be done picking at the food on her plate instead of eating it and then hopped up from the table. There was a gigantic tree set up in our front sitting room so you could see it out the window. A few large presents sat underneath.

"Why don't you go first Kelly." Mark said with a sardonic grin in my direction. His tone was pleasant though, and my mother was too excited to notice. She pawed through the gifts and grabbed the biggest one with her name on it from us. We watched as she tore it open and squealed like a piglet. It was a necklace with small red rubies, which she immediately put around her neck.

"Oh my god! Mark, it is beautiful!" She hugged him and danced around like she won the lottery. I thought it looked like she slit her throat from a distance. It suited her. I smiled to myself at the thought and watched her open her second gift, which was a matching bracelet. Apparently it was from me, and I received a quick squeeze.

"Why don't you open one of yours, Greg?" Mark said quietly. I nodded and grabbed a large box with my name on it. It was hard to get open with the frilly bows and ribbons all over it, and when I finally did I was in shock. My jaw clenched and I felt a little sick to my stomach with the heavy food I had just eaten.

"Do you like it baby?" My mother looked on expectantly. I faked a smile and nodded.

"What did you get?" Mark looked over as I pulled the case out of the box and opened it on the floor. I spun it to show him. He looked up at me in shock and glared at my mother's back as she dove under the tree for more.

"Isn't it a nice guitar?" I said in a fake cheerful voice. He sighed and nodded his head when my mother handed him a small gift. He gave her a tight smile before cracking open the paper and pulling off the ribbons.

"Wow. Kelly this is...." He was staring inside the small package with disbelief. I stood up so I could peer over the top and see. He opened the box and I caught sight of the Rolex brand on the lid if it. Holy. My mother sure knew how to butter a guy up. When he pulled it out I just about gagged at how gaudy it was though. It was platinum-toned and the sheer number of diamonds on the face of it was ridiculous. The whole front was covered in them.

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