Condition #17

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Condition #17 ~ Once decided how to end the deal, there is no going back.


Lydia waited patiently for Harvey’s lawyer, Blaine to arrive. She had been pacing around her room, waiting to hear the doorbell or the front door for opening. Her stomach ache for attention, she felt like she wanted to throw up.

Cursing, she wondered where all her courage earlier had gone as she pace some more in her room, nervous and agitated. It didn’t help when she heard the doorbell rang.

“You can do this.” Lydia chant again and again.

Taking a deep breath, she walks out of her room and straight to the living room where Blaine was making him self comfortable. She eyed the man as she watched him put his briefcase down on the coffee table and grab a pen and paper.

“He’s here. What do you want to talk about?” Harvey asked, annoyed for her sudden demand.

Lydia glare at Harvey, his impatient attitude was getting to her. Looking back to Blaine with much softer expression, she gave him a small smile and said, “At the end of the contract, I want to leave Thompson Company. I will hand in my resignation next week.” The last sentence was directly to a very shock Harvey as she looked his way before looking back to Blaine.

“At the moment, things are strain between Harvey and I and I want that to be the reason of our ‘divorce’. I don’t want anyone’s reputation getting ruined. I just want everyone to think that things just didn’t work out.

“We can both pretend and spread rumours that we’re trying to sort things out between our relationships by seeing a marriage consultant but nothing was working.” Lydia looked at Harvey, with a gulp, she said, “I also want to move out of here.”

Harvey couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After the time he had thought of a way to end the deal, Lydia had manage to outbid him. He knew well that Blaine would agree with this offer, as long as his client’s name stays clean.

Not only those he had to bite his tongue to keep him self quiet and yelling inappropriate things to Lydia, he now need to hire a new personal assistant and not to mention, he need a new blood supply.

Harvey stood up, making Blaine and Lydia jump in surprise. The two looked at him, puzzled. Harvey walked off but stopped after Blaine call after him. He looked over his shoulder, “Do whatever you want. Just ring me what the final agreement is.” He said with distaste that he felt he wanted to punch something.

The hunger in him course through his whole body, begging for his attention. Walking quickly to his office, he yanks the drawer of his desk open with enough force that the drawer came loose.

He stares murderously at the mess but most of his attention was at the bottle of pills. Grabbing the container, he quickly popped it opened and poured five pills on his left palm. He mixed the pills into some old sweet red wine before downing the glass. In every gulp of the red wine, he choked from the taste.

He hated the pills badly but he needed it as much as he can and managed to endure it for the pass two years and so. However, it was never enough. Throughout his life, he had depend on fresh human blood and changing to pills at an older age was not recommended as the body find it harder to get used to.

He curse as he realise five pills was not enough to settles the hunger. Taking more pills, Harvey clenches his fist, trying his best to stop the urge to throw up.

He needed blood and he needs it soon.

“Are you okay?” Harvey whipped around so fast that Lydia was unsure what just happened. The concern on Lydia’s face was unnoticed as Harvey focus on something else. “Blaine left ten minutes ago, he told me to tell you that he will call later on.”

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