Condition #18

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Condition #18 ~ Mr Thompson cannot and have no power to change the rules of the agreement to suit his mood.

A smile form on Lydia’s lips as she shakes the hands of her new boss, Johanne McBride. Lydia couldn’t shake the irony of Johanne’s last name. “I promise I won’t let you down.” Lydia said as she parts away from Johanne.

Johanne waves back at Lydia, well impressed about Lydia. When she had received Lydia’s application form along with her CV and her cover letter, the first words that came into her mind was ‘over qualified’ but she took a chance and set a date for an interview.

Now she watched a very excited Lydia walk out of her shop, a wedding planner shop. Shaking her head, she sat back down on her chair and frown. A nagging feeling tried to claw its way through the surface of her skin.

There’s a lingering smell on her. She thought before picking up the phone. “Good afternoon, McBride wedding planner, Johanne speaking. How may I be of service?” Her cheery voice greets a future client.

I got it! I got it! I got it! Lydia chants happily in her mind, skipping her way to her car. Finally! I can be a wedding planner like I dreamt to be!

Getting into her car, she dialled her mother’s number. Patiently she waited for her to pick up the phone. “Lydia, this is a surprise. Aren’t you at work?”

“I got it, mum!” Lydia yelled excitedly and she can already imagine her mother pulling the phone away from her ears and wincing from her high voice.

“You got what, honey?” The confusion on her voice leaks out and Lydia realise the situation she’s in.

She had not mention to her family that she’s quitting her job or she’s moving miles away from them. “Oh…Erm…well you see, I got this job as a wedding planner. You know how much I always wanted to be one and…” She trailed off.

“That’s great honey but how are you going to manage two jobs? You barely have time to visit us with your job now.”

Lydia smiled as she heard her mother’s supportive voice but it was soon replace with guilt as she remembers how many times she neglected them. “I resign at Thompson. My last shift will be next month and I’m starting a week later at the McBride wedding planner.” She confessed.

Lydia’s palm began to sweat as the silence stretch longer. Every seconds that pass, she felt like she had disappoint her mother. Her mother would know that the pay she will receive from her new job was nothing compare to her job now.

“Well that’s wonderful, honey. Is Harvey alright with this though?”

Lydia’s mood drop as she noticed her mother’s change of mood through her voice. “He knows and about Harvey and I…” She trailed off. She didn’t want to tell her mother her situation with Harvey through the phone but she felt trap and guilt was slowly eating her. “We’re having a divorce.” She heard a gasps followed by silence.

“Oh, honey.” Lydia knew what’s coming next as she heard those words many times ago before its followed by more questions and trying to reasons for her. She was not in the mood to have that conversation as she lied to her mother about having to hang up as she had to pay for the food she just had bought.

Lydia’s lips twitch into a smile as she drove back home. She knew her mother would ring her back; it was only a matter of time. She didn’t want to ruin the moment and when she saw that Harvey’s car is park outside, she felt her palm sweats all over again.

Nervously, she steps out of the car and made her way inside the house. “How’s your interview?” Harvey asked as he looks up from the pile of paper in front of him before looking back down. “I bet you got the job.”

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