Read! Sequel information! :}

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Hello everyone!

This is not a chapter but a message.

The sequel of this story had been posted. It's in The Collection of Short Stories under the name The Chase.

Here is the link;

However, there's a slight problem with it. No matter what I do, I can't get to turn it into "public". The only people who CAN SEE it are me and my followers. I didn't do that on purpose. I don't want followers who are force to follow because they can't read a story they want to read.

If anyone knows how to solve this please leave me a comment here. Until I sorted this one out, no one else can read the sequel but me and my followers. I'm really sorry about that.

I'm trying my best to fix it. Like I said before, if you know how to solve it. please comment bellow.

Nessa xx


Hello everyone!

This is a little update about the sequel The Chase. If you properly read this then you will understand how to read The Chase "BEFORE".

However, now I THINK I managed to fix the problem. Before this update, The Chase was only available to my followers BUT I think now, you can read it WITHOUT following me.

The Chase is in The Collection of Short Stories and the title pretty much said it all. If by chance you read The Chase WITHOUT following me please leave a comment below of the The Chase to inform me.

If you still can't see it without following me, let me know.

I really want everyone to read my story without being force to follow me. If you really want to follow me then, that's great! :} thank you.


Have a nice day, noon, afternoon or evening to you all!

Nessa xx

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