Hi everyone!

I'm a proud FILIPINO!!

English is not my mother tongue so excuse my wrong grammar or spelling! (I'm doing my best to improve my shitty English! :})

I'm weird.

Socially awkward (I'm not really but there are times)

I love BOOKS! Literally books...you know the one that smells like paper and you have to hold it with your hands awkwardly and the one you have to stick some marker to know where the hell you stopped reading...those books. (The only e-book stories I read are stories in Wattpad, other than that, I hate e-book).

Below are the stories that I done or currently working on;

~*~ Complete Story ~
- Teach Me Real Love
- In Love with Mr Ghost
- Hidden Truth
- Destined
- Twisted Fate
- Countryside Love
- Secret Marriage
- The Good in Goodbye

~*~ Complete Short Story ~
- Christmas Memory
- Red Rose
- Secret Admirer
- The Chase (Secret Marriage Sequel)

~*~ On Hold ~*~
- The Dragon's Key

~*~ On Going Story ~*~
- Borrowed Time

~*~ Coming Soon ~*~

~*~ Removed ~*~
- He Said He's Gay! (Original draft)
- The Popular Outcast (Original draft)
- The Dragon's Key (original draft)

Ask question below my comment section if you want to know more!
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xxNessa21xx xxNessa21xx Mar 17, 2016 09:55PM
Please check out my new story. It is called Borrowed Time. :} Thank you! :D
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Borrowed Time

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Description: Long ago the world was engulfed in war and demons ruled from the shadows. But now, the world lived in an age of peace. The demons, who then secretly controlled the world using a variety of black magic have l...


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The Good in Goodbye

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This is going to be a folder where I'm going to post all my short stories from now on. >.<

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