Condition #8

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Condition #8 ~ All cost on the wedding will be paid full by Mr Harvey Omar Thompson and only him. Miss Lydia Cook does not need to spend anything for the wedding.


Lydia’s jaw dropped as Laura Jones, the most famous wedding dress designer in the world had walked into the meeting room where Harvey and Lydia was asked to wait. She knew that they were there to get her wedding dress sorted but she didn’t know who the mystery designer is.

She knew he got connection, she knew that but never in her life did she imagine that this opportunity would ever happen to her. Not when Ivory who had been gushing about how she wished her wedding dress was made by Laura Jones but rejected because she had too many booking already but now, she’s sitting across to the very woman that she and Ivory were gushing on about the day before.

“Hi, you must Lydia.” Laura smiled at the woman.

“It’s so nice to meet you.” Lydia got up and shakes the woman’s outstretch hands.

“Harvey, we meet again.” Lydia didn’t miss the knowing smile Laura had given Harvey. Finally taking closer look at Laura, she was indeed one of Harvey’s types, blonde hair woman with model-like body and seems very healthy.

Of course! How else can he land a meeting with her when Ivory herself was rejected! Lydia thought as the she eyed the two.

“How can I help you two?” Laura sat comfortably across Lydia and Harvey. “I was only told last night that you called, asking for a favour.” She said, eyeing Harvey.

Harvey cleared his throat as his eyes shift to Lydia who was looking at him with disgust. It was not hard for him to figure out what the look was for. Harvey looked back at Laura who was smiling slyly at him and purposely giving Lydia the wrong idea.

“Lydia, stop looking at me like that, Laura is lesbian.” Harvey couldn’t help but correct what Lydia was thinking and this made Laura laugh as Lydia looked at him with mouth wide open. “Anyway, my fiancée needs a wedding dress and you owe me!”

Laura stopped laughing and nearly chocked on her own saliva. “Y-you’re getting married?” She stuttered as she looked between a smug looking Harvey and Lydia who was starting to look uncomfortable. “B-but…What?”

Harvey rolled his eyes, resting his chin on his left palm. “Is it really that hard to believe that I’m settling down?”

“Yes!” Laura said without missing a beat and at the same time, Harvey and Laura heard Lydia whispers so quietly the very same word.

“How?” Laura looked at Lydia with admiration. “How did you tame him?”

Harvey grunt and lean back on his chair. It only took once glance from Lydia to know that Harvey was slowly getting impatient as minutes are wasted with mindless chit-chat. It didn’t take long for Lydia to wait for Harvey to voice out his annoyance as he asked Laura, “Are you going to do it or not?”

Laura rolled her eyes at him. She was used to him after growing up with him since they were a child. She knew him well or so she thought she did until now. She wanted to apologise to him and reject the favour, just like what she did to Ivory.

She already felt guilty that she couldn’t do Ivory’s wedding dress who she had treated as her own sister but she was already fully booked for two years. Squeezing another client in will stress not only her but the rest of her staff but she did owe Harvey.

It was Harvey who saved the company after she went bankrupt from her ex-partner who wanted everything. Things got ugly, her name was damaged for months and Harvey stepped in and saved her from crumbling down the social ladder and in their society with her being the only lesbian.

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