Condition #5

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Condition #5 ~ Both partners have to support each other’s needs.


I can do this!

Lydia chant in her head, again and again as she watched the villa come into view. The sun was setting over the horizontal but even with little light, the villa stood beautifully, taking Lydia’s breath away.

As their car slow down, Lydia felt nauseous for a moment. It reminded her of the day of her interview with Robert Thompson, her old boss, Harvey’s uncle and Mr Enrico Thompson’s younger brother, Harvey’s father and the director of the company.

Harvey had stopped the car and noticed how still Lydia had become ever since he mentioned to her that ‘they are here’. It took one glance to know how nervous she was. Vampires could smell fear and arousal from humans but not the other feeling but only a fool won’t see how Lydia was feeling.

“Hey, look at me.” Harvey gently made Lydia to face him. “You’ll do just fine. Just stick to what I told you.” He watched Lydia swallow hard and nod her head.

For three years, Lydia had work under him and for three years he knew her like the back of his hand. She was a good caring person with an innocent heart. It was one of the reason he sometimes imagine himself tainting it and now he has. He knew how much all of this is going to hurt her with the lying and pretending especially to the people she cared about, her family.

The quiet ‘click’ sounds louder in Lydia’s ears as she glanced at Harvey, unbuckling his seatbelt and stepping out of the car. She did the same. However, her hand continued to shake against her will.

She jumped as door on her side opened. Harvey smiled at her and offered her his hand. She gladly took it as she stepped out of the car. “I can do this.” She said loud and breathing deeply.

“Just do your best.” Harvey can only give her encouragement. “Remember, I’ll be there when you need me.” Lydia could only nod and Harvey couldn’t blame her.

During the ride, he had informed her that everyone in his family is vampires and they can smell fear. However, it was not fear that Lydia was afraid of. It was meeting the director of the Thompson Corp. and humiliating herself in front of him. She was not scared, she was nervous.

Three loud thuds echoed in the air as Harvey let go of the old fashion doorbell. The door gently swung open revealing an elder woman wearing a maid uniform. The hem of her uniform reached her ankle while her apron reached around her knees.

Lydia watched as she bowed her head to Harvey and smile, a real motherly-love smile. “Sir Harvey, welcome. They are waiting for you…” The elder woman stopped talking as her eyes landed to Lydia. She smile politely and gave the elder woman a small wave.

“Lorene, I like you to meet Lydia. She’ll be staying in my room and here, give this key to Sebastian. Our luggage is still in the car.” Harvey watched as Lorene eyed Lydia suspiciously. There were many women she had seen with Harvey through magazine. Even though she had never met them in person she knew what they are after from her young master, money. “It’s alright Lorene, Lydia is my fiancée.” He announce with a chuckle. “But don’t let my family know that you learn about it first.”

Lydia could only watch as Lorene looked at Harvey in shock and looked at her in doubt. “Of course, of course, they will never find out! Well everyone is waiting for you in the music room.”

Harvey and Lydia smile at Lorene before Lydia frown, looking over her shoulder and to Lorene who was closing the door behind them. “What?” Lydia jumped and placed a hand on her chest, her heart beating faster. Harvey chuckle, something Lydia had been hearing for a while now. “My apology, but what seems to be bothering you about Lorene?”

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