Condition #9

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Condition #9 ~ Dropping hints and clues to others are forbidden. Failed to comply with the condition will be fined a cash of 5k.


Lydia found it hard to focus on anything else beside the man who got her pinned down on the bed and barely clothed. He whispered words, words that she never expected to hear from him.

With enough strength, she pushed Harvey away from her before scrambling back to her feet. “W-what are you doing?” She stuttered as she ignored her racing heart.

She had seen a handful of men, naked in front of her. She was no virgin but she had never mixed work with pleasure, never dated a man who she worked with as she truly believed that, dating someone at work is awkward, especially if that colleague happened to be her boss.

Harvey was the temptation among women in the company. She seen many of them quit after having an affair with him because things got ‘awkward’ for them and she didn’t want to be one of those women.

“I need you, Lydia.”

Lydia noticed the agony in Harvey’s voice. What did he really meant needing me? She thought as she noticed how paled Harvey had gone. “I…I don’t understand.”

“J-just a drop of your blood would be fine, just please.”

She gasped as she heard Harvey begged. Never in her life, working under him did she ever heard him begged and now he was begging for her blood even after insulting her about her blood not being the finest.

She debate on what to do. She had thought of letting her boss suffer but she didn’t have the heart to do it. Lydia wondered how it felt to have a vampire drink her blood but the sooner the thought came to her, the sooner she dismissed it. She didn’t want to offer herself, she knew that much but she remembered the contract.

‘Both partners have to support each other’s needs’ and her blood was exactly what Harvey need and she agreed to all of that condition when she signed the damned paper.

“Here.” She offered quickly before she changed her mind. Not knowing what to do, she sat in front of him. “But I’m not taking my clothes off for you nor do the things you do to those other women.”

Harvey chuckled, low and slightly painful chuckles. “But sex makes the blood taste sweeter.” He managed to joke and Lydia blushed at the thought of sex.

He knew how awkward Lydia felt after offering herself to him. In a quick movement of his left arm, he was cradling her with her head resting comfortably on his right shoulder, showing him her bare neck.

The hunger in him stirred and he wanted nothing else but to sink his canine into her neck. Slowly he teased her, breathing closely on her neck and trailing soft kisses on her skins. He smelled her arousal and he couldn’t help but smile.

How sensitive. He thought wanting nothing more but to tease her more but his hunger was not having any of it.

He was starving.

For a week, he had started taking ‘MBC’, an alteration for blood. His last ‘meal’ was when Lydia had found out his secret. Ever since then, he decided to order the tablets, in secret.

The ‘MBC’ or the ‘Manufactured Blood Capsule’ is legal in their society but frowned upon. Many still believed that humans are just food and he was one of them. However, he didn’t have any choice. He needed to make the marriage to look more believable and screwing with other woman will bring suspicions.

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