Condition #15

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Condition #15 ~ Both partner can't try to change one another or the other.


2 and half years later…

Lydia threw her bag on her bed, frustrated. She make her way to the kitchen and yanked the fridge door open with enough force to break the door, grabbing her favourite ice cream, she quickly run back to her room.

Locking the door behind her, she heard the front door slammed closed. “Lydia! Come out here this instant!” Harvey’s loud angry voice rang through the whole house.

As if! Lydia thought, storming to her sofa and turning her T.V. on.

Harvey banged on her door, louder and harder that Lydia feared that the door would break any minute but she didn’t care. He had gone too far. She thought shoving another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

The banging on her door stopped making her stare at it in wonder. Wondering if he left, Lydia jump from her seat as the door burst opened, leaving massive dent in the middle where Harvey had kicked the door opened.

Lydia dropped her ice cream as she stood up. “ARE YOU CRAZY!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

“What is your problem? Throwing your drinks on me, in front of the camera! Do you know what you have done?”

Lydia could only glare at Harvey. His calm voice only gave her fear. It was like the calmness before the storm and she’s afraid if she says the wrong words, she might release the storm.

“Answer me!” Harvey demand.

Lydia snap out of her thought. The hell! She thought and aloud, she said, “Who gave you the rights to mess with my family’s business! My parents worked their life to have that café and now you’re planning to make it into a massive restaurant!”

“That’s why you threw your drinks on me, because I want to turn your family business into a successful one? Are you stupid?”

“Successful?” Lydia let out an unlady-like snort. “If I wanted to make that café better, I can do it myself but guess what! I don’t need your help! The café is doing just fine without your help! I don’t care what you do with me but you stepped over the line! Now get out!”

Harvey could only glare at the woman in front of him. Ever since half a year ago, all they did was bicker or yell at each other. He sometimes wondered what happen to the passion they had when they made love again half a year ago.

“Are you deaf? I said get out!”

Lydia’s voice rang in his ears. He wanted nothing but to throw the woman in front of him out of the window. He marched out of her room and into his room. He stripped off his clothes and walked to his shower, washing the stickiness caused by Lydia’s wine.

Looking up to the shower head, Harvey close his eyes and wondered if he made a mistake to make a move at her half a year ago.

He knew he wanted her ever since the first time they made love with each other. He wanted to feel her arms around him once again, hear her moan his name and feel her skin against his. They were civil with each other for two years, ever since they got back from their honeymoon.

They both pretend like nothing happened between them but half a year ago, it happened again and he remember it perfectly.

Harvey laughs at the joke his wife shared over dinner during their second anniversary. They were having their second bottle of white wine and they had just finished their mains. “I think you had enough wine, darling.”

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