Condition #14

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Condition #14 ~ After the ‘divorce’, Miss Lydia Cook can choose to remain in the company, to be transfer to a different Thompson department or resign.

The music cue in and everyone in the church looked up in anticipation. That moment, everyone held their breath as they all watch as the door slowly opened, showing the bride.

They watch her smile at her mother, who began to tear up. She giggles at the joke at what her brother told her. They watch as she looked at the groom and with a small nervous breath, she smiled at him.

He returned the gesture and many whispered in delight and excitement.

However, many of the guests glare at the bride-to-be. They were the women that Harvey once dated. They all looked different but with similarity. However, they all had one purpose as to why they had crash the wedding.

They wanted Harvey for themselves and refused to accept that anyone had taken him away from them. They knew that he was a womanizer and he never tied down to anyone of them because he wanted to see more than one woman at the time but they were all fine with that as long as they could have him in their arms.

But now, he belongs to one woman and had cut them out of his life. They had tried and tried to get him back, to change his mind to get married but it was all in vain.

The women watched as the bride-to-be walked pass them. They were all at the very back of the church but they didn’t missed Brittany walking straight to the front with the infamous Mrs Marybeth Thompson.

Jealousy, anger and humiliation were all the emotion each of the women felt as Brittany smirked at them as she walked pass them, head held high earlier on.

Roxie had notice the women that gathered at Harvey’s side when she had passed them moments ago. Strangely, she was sure that all those women at the back were not relative to Harvey.

Somehow, she can tell who are related to Harvey and who was not. Just like the woman she saw before at the mall and now sitting with Harvey’s relative. She frowns at that one particular woman.

It bugged her how she was not paying any attention to her sister like everyone else is. She had seen her plenty of time, always following Harvey around with that old hag. She remembers her clearly because of her annoying high pitched voice.

Imagining Brittany’s voice made Roxie cringe. I seriously don’t like that woman. She thought as she looked back at her sister.

Roxie smile as she watched her sister. She hadn’t seen her for a while ever since Lydia had moved out with Harvey. She misses her, she admitted that to herself long ago. There were many times she wanted to visit her, by herself or with the rest of the family but she couldn’t face her.

She was ashamed at what she had tried to pull five months ago but she had convinced herself at that time that what she was doing was harmless. That’s why she had pursued to try and get Harvey to herself.

She still remembers what Harvey had told her when she made a move at him. It was like a broken recorder, playing over and over in her mind.

“How can you live with your life and don’t feel any guilt or regret that you try to steal away the man that your own sister fell in love with? You disgust me!”

Roxie blinked away that tears that threatening to come out and pay attention at the little kids playing quietly at the side before their own attention was caught by the bride.

“Wow! She’s so beautiful!” Roxie heard one of the child say and she smiled proudly at her sister.

Indeed she’s beautiful. Roxie thought as she watched Harvey and Lydia make the rest of the way to the altar together, side by side. Later, I’ll apologise to them especially to Lydia.

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