Condition #20

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I’m free!! College is finish and got more time to write! I can’t promise that I will update every day because I have work and my schedule at work change every week. HOWEVER, I can promise you that I will try to update weekly. I can’t say how many times but I can guarantee you that this story will be update weekly. :}

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Condition #20 ~ After the marriage, both parties are not allowed to mention the deal they made to anyone. The deal will be restricted to ‘need-to-know-basis’ between Mr Thompson and Miss Cook before, during and after marriage.


One Year Later…


Harvey found himself rooted on the spot. He watched her play with two babies on the stroller. He could tell that both of them were girls from the pink and yellow flowery dress. They laugh as Lydia plays peek-a-boo with both of them.

The wind picks up blowing the air towards Harvey and carrying Lydia’s scent. He inhales deep, remembering all the good times he spent with Lydia. However, a different scent but familiar to his had made his body tensed up.

He glares at the woman he had been looking for half a year. Somehow he felt betrayed that Lydia didn’t mention that she gave birth to their child. Giving Lydia a final glare, Harvey turns his back at Lydia and walk off.

Lydia looked around the park. She felt like someone was watching her but saw no one familiar. Frowning, she looked back at the two angels in front of her. She smile and place a hand on her stomach.

The memory flows in smoothly as she smiles at her silliness.


It had been a week since it happened. Pacing around her new bedroom, Lydia patiently waits for the result.

Lydia knew she only needs to wait for roughly three minutes but as she waits, Lydia started to feels like everything is going slower as she watch the time tick by.

Biting her lower lips, Lydia runs towards her bathroom after waiting for three minutes. She sighs in relied as she saw a single line on the pregnancy test. Out of the five tests she took in different times, only one came out as positive for pregnancy but four out of five proves that she’s not pregnant.

With a clear mind, she threw the test in the bin with the rest. She quickly grabs her stuff and head to work.


“Sorry for making you wait.” Johanna came back with two bottle of Coca-Cola and a big bag of Doritos. “Are they behaving?” Johanna sat next to Lydia and looked at her twins with a motherly smile. Johanna still couldn’t believe that she gave birth to two lovely twins.

“Have you told Gavin about them?” Lydia asked as she opens the bottle. “It’s hard to ignore that your babies looks like the Thompson’s brothers.”

Johanna laughs and looked at the twins. They were the splitting image of their father, Gavin Thompson. However, she already knew that it was Gavin’s daughters since their birth because of their scent.

She had called him a couple of times but Gavin was like Harvey. They both don’t like being tied down. She left him voicemails but he never called back and that was enough to make Johanna sad.

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