Condition #7

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7 ~ Both parties must lived in the same house during the ‘marriage’. They can choose whose house to stay in for three years.


Lydia licked her lips as she stares at the different cake in front of her. When Ivory asked her to come with her to get her dress the day before, she didn’t expect that they will make a stop at the cake shop either too.

“Is everything okay then for my wedding?” Ivory asked Francisco who’s in a nice Prada suite.

“Don’t you worry Ivory, your cake will be ready for your wedding. In fact we’re ahead in time with your cake.” Francisco announced excitedly.

Ivory squealed in excitement before her eyes caught Lydia. “Say Lydia, have you ordered your cake yet?”

Lydia’s attention snapped away from the cakes to frown at Ivory. Lydia bounce her weight to one leg and another as she shyly looked away from Ivory and the man that she couldn’t remember the name. “No. I haven’t really made any plans for the wedding yet.”

“Well you’re in luck!” Ivory said excitedly. “Francisco makes the best cakes ever! He’s the one who made my engagement cake and it was delicious!”

“That’s right! You’ll never find anyone who can make cakes that looks great and taste awesome!” Francisco said putting his right hand on his chest. Lydia smiles at Ivory’s gay friend.

“Well, if you say so.”

Lydia and Ivory found themselves, spending another hour at Francisco’s cake shop to discuss what kind of cake Lydia wants. She remember clearly that Harvey said she can do whatever she wants for this ‘wedding’ and that’s exactly what she’ll do.

In her mind, she had everything sorted. She knows where she wants the wedding, where the reception is going to be, what the colour theme and what kind of decoration she wants.

Leaving the shop, Lydia smile satisfied that she had done one of the many things she needed to sort out for ‘their’ wedding. One is better than nothing. She thought as they entered the dress shop where Claudette, Marybeth and Brittany were waiting for the two.

“What took you so long?” Brittany whined after checking her nails for what seems to be a hundred times.

“Sorry about that.” Ivory apologize, more likely to her grandmother who doesn’t like tardiness and they were an hour late. “I thought it would be a great idea that Lydia gives Francisco her design cake for her wedding.”

“Oh my!” Claudette smiled, pleased. “That’s a marvellous idea. Francisco do makes the best cakes.”

“That’s why I recommended him as soon as possible so Lydia’s cake can get onto the list before it’s too late.” Ivory smiled at her mother, very pleased that she agreed to her idea.

“Whatever.” Brittany cut the two ladies’ chatter. “Can we just get going already?”

“Oh, sorry.” Ivory apologies and made her way to the sale assistant that was waiting for her patiently.

Lydia could only shake her head at Brittany’s rudeness and she could tell that Marybeth was not impressed either. “Now, where’s that dress that I asked for in my size?” Brittany looked around the shop and when she couldn’t find the sale assistant she grunt and a plan form in her mind as her eyes landed on Lydia. “What are you planning to wear for Ivory’s wedding? A dress like that is so last decade ago.”

Lydia looked at the dress she was wearing. She frowns at Brittany and ignore her comment. Her sun dress was bought five years ago from a sale too but Lydia knew that Brittany doesn’t need to know that so she can have more reason to insult her.

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