Condition #2

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Condition #2 ~ Both parties had to act like real couple. This includes; holding hands, kissing and gifts during special occasions.


What?” Startled, she had drop the piece of steak back onto the plate. “You want a public wedding rather than a private one?”

She had always thought that they will wed in private only the two of them and another pair that will stand as their witness. The marriage was going to be announced in public but she had always thought that the public will know when they pretend to be on their ‘date’ or the wedding ring.

“You don’t have to worry about the cost. That’s all going to be taken care of, just plan the wedding you wanted and invite whoever you want.” I must be dreaming. She thought as she continues to listen to Harvey. “You can pick the flowers, the church, the reception, the colour and the rest. Basically, you can pick everything.”

Lydia can only stare at him in shocked. She had always dream of planning her wedding but she had mentally prepared herself that her future partner will either not like it or add a few things into to it but hearing that she had the full control was something she did not expect.

“I can also set the date of the wedding?” She cringle at the desperation in her voice and she knew the moment he saw him looked troubled that he heard it too. “No, sorry but the wedding need to happen around January, you can choose the day but not the month.”

Disappointed, Lydia didn’t let that little information to ruin her mood. She was enjoying the food and to her surprise, even the company of her boss. “A winter wedding then?” Harvey only nod. She had hoped for a spring wedding, and she knew the great place where cherry blossom grows, wildly.

A list started to form in her mind. She knew a lot of great places to get married during winter. Slowly she slip into her own thoughts and forgot all about Harvey sitting in front of her until he cleared his throat. “Penny for your thoughts?”

Lydia blushed once more. She noticed him clenching and unclenching his fist. She wanted to know why but she didn’t want to sounds nosy. “I was just thinking of places that we could do the… ceremony.” She managed to stop herself before saying the word ‘wedding’.

It never felt like it was a wedding. What they were doing is strictly business and the word wedding did not suit it at all or settle well for her in that matter.

“Well I hope five months will be enough to plan it and I’m sorry but I can’t help you much with the planning. I have plenty of work to do and I have an important investment meeting for the months to come.”

She knew that all too well after all she was the one who organised his schedule. His secretary-in-charge was supposed to do it but after his last one mess up a big investment and got fired right after, he made sure that she’s the one organising his schedule. He did generously give her a high raise for the extra work she had to do for him.

“Don’t worry, I can handle it.”

The waiter came back taking their plates away. She thanked him once again before leaving. Still feeling determined, she look at Harvey who was now looking at the dessert menu. She pretends to do the same but glancing at Harvey now and again.

“I had been meaning to ask you.” Through her lashes, she saw Harvey looked up from his menu to her. “Are we going to buy a house to live on for the past three years?”

Harvey was frowning at her but didn’t say anything like he was waiting for more information or he thinks she’s stupid to ask a silly question. She never really knows what he was thinking all the time. He was a mystery that no one seems to be able to figure out not even her.

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