Condition #11

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Condition #11 ~ Miss Lydia Cook and her family will be insured for health insurance and welfare during the time of her engagement and marriage to Mr Harvey Thompson.


Sweats started to form around Lydia’s forehead. She switched her body weight from one leg after the other. She looked over her shoulder and watched Harvey unload their luggage out of his fancy car. She knew they were watching, she noticed the moment Harvey had pulled up in front of her home.

Taking one deep breath, Lydia twisted the key, unlocking the door.


The sounds seemed louder in Lydia’s ear as she swung the door opened like she normally does. “I’m home!” She called out and listened as her voice travels through their house.

Footsteps echoed through the house, they were all coming in different direction and she can easily spot who’s who from their footsteps. But she knew well that they are not there to greet her back home – they normally don’t – but to see the mysterious man with her.

No one in her family had met her boss in person. She knew that her siblings and mother had seen photos of him but not personally. Even when he drop her off time to time from business trip but never did he stepped out of his fancy car.

It was the first time that they travel somewhere far without Harvey’s personal driver, Frau, a half Japanese, half British. It was him, who unload her stuff or load them, it was him who get out of the car to help him but this time he’s no where to be seen.

“So who’s the hunk?” Lydia’s younger and only sister, Roxie asked as she watched Harvey make his way towards them. “Wow, he’s gorgeous.” She whispered as she eyed him with lust.

Lydia rolled her eyes along with her brothers who snort in disagreement. “Behave, Roxie.” She scolded her younger sister as she smiled up to her mother and gave her a hug. “I’m home mum.” She whispered as buried her face to her mother’s warm embrace.

“Where do you want me to put your stuff, Dia?”

Lydia pulled away from her mother’s embrace as she frowned at Harvey. It was the first time he heard him call her by her nickname. “Erm, just leave it there for now. I’ll get one of my brothers to bring it up.” There was a chorus of grunts and whining as Harvey put her stuff next to the door.

“Good afternoon. I don’t think we all met but I’m Harvey.” Harvey smile up at Lydia’s family with satisfaction. He had wanted to meet Lydia’s family in person. Especially the person Lydia is willing to sacrifice her freedom and her pride for, her mother. “I’m Lydia’s fiancée.”


“Are you serious?”

“Since when?”

“You’re dating your boss?”

“Oh my!”

Lydia glared at Harvey who only smirked at her. This wasn’t what she planned to tell her family. She had informed them that someone will be joining them for dinner and she had planned to break the news to them during dinner. She thought the sooner she tells them the less stress she will feel.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Lydia looked at her mother. There was happiness in her eyes but sadness too and it breaks her heart to see her mother look at her like that. She sighed and offered a small smile to her mother. “I wanted to tell you sooner but I wasn’t sure how you will react.”

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