Condition #6

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6 ~ Both must be present during events, parties or any other occasion that one is invited to go and allowed to bring a partner.


The moment Brittany Style steps into Thompson’s villa, she felt the adrenaline running through her veins. She had dated Harvey many years ago but he had put her to the side after he was done with her. She knew one day it will happen but it didn’t stop her for believing that she belongs to the Thompson family.

The phone call two nights ago was the sign she had been waiting for. The fact that it came from Marybeth Thompson, the famous widow who brought their name up the social ladder with her late husband had secured her position as Harvey’s future wife.

The woman was not only famous for her fame and fortune but also for arrange marriages. Her only son Enrico was one of the example and the eldest grandson Finn, who now lives a happy life with their wife which Marybeth had chosen for them.

Brittany frowns at the thought of being partnered to Gavin. She had admit long before that three brothers were all equally good-looking but Harvey was well known than Gavin who likes to keep in a low profile.

She had wanted to be in the spotlight like she did long before when she was dating Harvey, however she knew with Gavin, it will only be a dream.

Brittany pull her sunglasses down from her head and step out of her convertible, head held high. Her pure white Chihuahua sitting comfortable on her handbag as she makes her way to the Thompson’s mansion. She fixed herself before knocking on the old doorbell.

Minutes later the door open, Brittany eyed the old woman behind the door with one raise eyebrow. “Can I help you?” Lorene asked Brittany. The moment she had open the door and her eyes landed on her, she knew Brittany was nothing but trouble.

“Maybe,” She said clicking her tongue in dislike, “Marybeth is expecting me.” She said in an arrogant tone.

“Ah yes. Madam had informed me of your arrival.” Lorene moved out of the way as she let the woman walk in. “She’s at the garden with the rest of the family.”

“Send someone to fetch my things in the car.” She ordered, throwing the keys towards Lorene who had to move to the left just to catch the key.

Brittany made her way to the back or what she presumes was the way to the back garden. Her heels making clicking noise for every step she took. The moment she steps out of the building she notices the changed in the atmosphere.


Enrico’s snaps his gaze towards his mother with a glare. He knew that his mother knew that Mr Style’s youngest daughter was here but she’s pretending not to know. Beside him, Claudette sigh quietly while Ivory and Gavin run away by suddenly wanting to have a ‘walk’. Finn excused himself by calling his wife who won’t make it until the wedding day.

Enrico watch his youngest son, Harvey. Harvey pinched the bridge of his nose, it was a sign that Enrico knows to well. Harvey is not pleased. Out of his children, it was Harvey had always been independent and didn’t let others meddling in his affairs, his mother was no exception to Harvey even if he adores her.

Enrico’s eyes soon landed on Harvey’s fiancée, Lydia watched Harvey with a knowing look. Looking around her, her eyes stop at the woman who was now making her way towards them. Her curious face was quickly wipe off with a compose expression, one that he seen her use when dealing after his son’s mess.

“Hi.” Brittany greeted as Harvey cringle at her high voice. “I hope I’m not disturbing anything.” Enrico watch as Brittany force a laugh and wonder why out of the four Style’s sister, only Brittany turn as who she is now.

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