Condition #3

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Condition #3 ~ Seeing someone behind their partner’s back is prohibited for the time you are ‘married’. If this is used as a reason for divorce after three years into marriage, it is not allowed to be used until three months before the contract is expired.


Shopping for a ring was harder than she had thought. Harvey had pulled her out half an hour earlier before her break leaving the rest of her work to his secretary-in-charge and three of his manager. However, Harvey didn’t go straight to the jewellery store but instead in a posh restaurant.

“Eat.” He ordered her.

She didn’t complain as she felt hungry an hour ago. She had skipped breakfast so she can check on her mother who is still admitted at the hospital that morning before she went to work.

It was three days ago when her mother went through surgery but because no one in their family was free to look after her, she decided to just admit her in the hospital where she can be watched all the time and she had trust Dr Jerome will looked after her while she and siblings are not at her side.

“Thank you.” She said quietly and smiled at Harvey.

She was grateful for his help but it didn’t change the way she see him as a monster. Twisting people to do things against their own will by manipulating them with their current situation. She wasn’t the first one; she had seen him do it before through his meetings and scheming.

Harvey didn’t say anything to her and she didn’t know what else to say to him either. In two days, they will be leaving to go to his sister’s wedding and in two days they will know her as his ‘fiancée’ and not his secretary.

She had met his father numerous time through work and she seen Mrs Thompson a couple of times only. But she had never seen his sister. In fact she didn’t even know he got a younger sibling beside his two older brothers. Her colleague never knew about it either.

The moment they asked why their work loads are being double, she simply answered that their boss cleared his schedule for next week so he can attend his sister’s wedding. As soon as the words left her mouth everyone wanted to know who this ‘sister’ was and why they haven’t met her at all.

“What kind of ring to do you want?” His voice startled her out of her thoughts as she looked up from her food. She didn’t know when she finished it but her plate was spotless.

“I don’t really mind. You can buy the cheapest one if you like, I’m not bothered. It’s just a ring anyway.”

She doesn’t know why he was asking her about rings. It wasn’t her idea in the beginning and truth to be told, she didn’t even want the ring but when she saw the determination in his eyes when he suggested that they will go shopping for an engagement ring, she didn’t bothered complaining.

Lydia had looked up at the waiter and thanked him. When she looked back to Harvey, he had a slight frown on but he looked amused. She frown at him and cleared her throat when she notice one particular thing, Harvey didn’t touch his food. “Are you not hungry?”

Harvey looked down at his food. He was starving but not for this kind of food. He only ordered it so Lydia wouldn’t feel uncomfortable eating alone and him watching her. “I lost my appetite a while ago.” He lied. He had taken a bite of his food and knew that if he forces to eat it, he’ll be sick.

They left the restaurant an hour later, leaving them half an hour to spare before Lydia’s break was over. This was why he pulled her half an hour early and choose that particular restaurant when he can just go to the ones they own and can actually satisfied his needs even for a tiny bit but none of them were close enough to a particular jewellery store he had in mind.

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