Condition #16

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Condition #16 ~ If Miss Cook decide how things would end, she is entitled to present her idea to Mr Thompson and I at the same time.


Lydia woke up, eyes sore and her head aching. After crying in her bathroom, she felt exhausted and crawl into her bed without any care. Her heart felt broken like the time she found out her ex-boyfriend in high school was cheating behind her back for a year and half while they were dating.

Determined, she got off the bed and head straight to the bathroom. She does her morning routine starting with a shower, followed by breakfast and then brushing her teeth before leaving for work.

Calmness and relief wash over her as she found herself alone in the house. She quickly had breakfast before leaving to go to work.

“Good morning Mrs Thompson.”

“Good morning, ma’am.”

“Good day Mrs Thompson.”

“Can I help you with that Mrs Thompson?”

Lydia smiled up to them, ignoring the tightness of her chest. Being called Mrs Thompson had became a routine that she force herself to get used to for two years and half but now, all she wanted to do is rip off the head of next person who calls her Mrs Thompson or ma’am.

Before her marriage, everyone calls her ‘Lydia’ or miss but ever since the news of her marriage to Harvey, people see her differently, act and speak differently to her. People around her change but she never did.

She remained as a personal assistant to Harvey. Her schedule stayed the same. The only thing that changes was the sign on her door and her last name but people treat her like she had a disease. Always staying clear out of her way.

Lydia turn her laptop on, putting her blazer off and her putting her bags away, she listen to the quiet hum of her laptop. The familiar windows theme rings in her ear, a signal for her that her laptop will be ready in a few minutes.

Taking those few minutes, she made herself a cup of fruit tea before settling down to her leather computer chair. The coldness of the leather gave her shivers but she ignored it. She opened the first file on her desk and quickly starts typing away on her laptop.

Within three hours, Lydia managed to do all the work that needed to be done for the day. Getting up from her seat, she stretch her muscles before grabbing some papers that Harvey needed to sign.

Taking a deep breath, Lydia made her way to Harvey’s office. She knocks three times before opening the door.

She was expecting him to be at his desk doing some work as he wasn’t booked to any meeting however, she found the room empty. Frowning, she left the papers on his desk before making her way back to her office.

Grabbing her PDA, she looked at Harvey’s schedule and all she could do was stare at it in anger.

Harvey had changed his schedule without letting her know. They both knew that Lydia like things organise and informed if things changed. She was ready to dial his number when a thought hit her.

Harvey is taking his revenge.

Her blood on her face drain out of her as she realise what Harvey was up to. Anyone who humiliates Harvey had to face his merciful revenge and she knew all of them and how things work.

It will start with something simple and slowly and painfully it will gradually increase into something horrifying that drives them all insane.

She knew that her stun with the wine will go unnoticed but she had prepared herself for any punishment he thinks is fit but she had never imagine that Harvey would go for a revenge.

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