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Nobody's POV

@lukehemmings: I have an amazing idea

@glitterbalz: hmm ?

@lukehemmings: we should do a skype call !

@glitterbalz: uh no babe

@lukehemmings: why not :-(

@glitterbalz: cause you'll be able to see my face ?

@lukehemmings: dammit there goes my amazing plan

@glitterbalz: what plan

@lukehemmings: i was planning on tricking you into doing it

@lukehemmings: thought you'd forget there was a camera :-(

@glitterbalz: tsk you're such a naughty boy

@glitterbalz: do you seriously want to see my face that badly ?

@lukehemmings: duh of course

@glitterbalz: don't sass me lucas

@lukehemmings: but that's my charm ;-)

@glitterbalz: whatever

@lukehemmings: anyway

@lukehemmings: like i said before

@lukehemmings: you could be a creepy old pervert who's trying to get my nudes

@glitterbalz: again with that accusation

@lukehemmings: i'm just trying to stay out of harm's way y'know

@glitterbalz: i pinky pinky promise you that I am a twenty year old guy who lives a normal life

@lukehemmings: 'normal life'

@glitterbalz: you're an idiot -.-

@lukehemmings: but im your idiot

@glitterbalz: unfortunately that's true

@lukehemmings: *muacks*


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