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Calum's POV

Over the course of our many skype calls, Luke and I had decided to exchange phone numbers for convenience, and right now he was telling me one of his many dad jokes.

my angel: i have a joke

me: shoot

my angel: what do you call cheese that's not yours

me: ....


I burst out laughing earning weird looks from the bleach-haired boy and Ashton which I just brushed off.

me: lame

my angel: meanie :-(

my angel: *picture attached*

I cooed at the adorable pouting boy, eyes crinkling by the sides.

However, before I could type out a response, my phone was swiftly snatched out of my grasp. Instinctively, I shot out of my seat, trying to seize it from Michael's clutches, but was unfortunately held back by two muscular arms.

I thrashed around, trying to escape from the boy's iron grip but to no avail since he was much stronger than me. Eventually, I gave up, going limp in the curly-haired boy's arms.

"Now I know why Mali wants us to hang out with you more," The green-eyed boy tutted, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Y'know, we came here to hang out with you, not your phone," Ashton sighed.

I stuck out my lips, eyes gazing at my phone longingly which was currently in Michael's hands.

"Let's see what's gotten you so addicted to your phone."

"Nonononono," I rushed out, attempting to free myself of the drummer's grip once again.

The bleach-haired boy laughed at my reaction, however stopping once his gaze landed on my phone screen. His eyes instantly widened and he gasped, placing a hand over his mouth.

"I'm so fucked," I mumbled to myself, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"You- I- he- Lu- how," The tattooed boy kept glancing between me and the device, too shocked to form a proper sentence.

This of course made Ashton release me as he strode towards the appalled boy curiously.

He peeked over Michael's shoulder, having a reaction similar to that of the latter's once he saw who I had been talking to.

"Please don't tell me this is what I think it is," Ashton said in shock.

I huffed, trying to pull myself together and prepare for what was to come.

"Look, guys I-"

"What the hell is the meaning of this Calum!" The pale boy spat, anger lacing each of his words as they left his mouth.

"I can explai-"

"You're such a fucking asshole!" Michael shouted, his emerald eyes boring into my timid brown ones as his fists shook in anger.

"Mike, calm down," The curly haired boy soothed, placing a hand on Michael's bicep only to have it shaken off.

"Calm down? How can I fucking calm down after finding out what he has been doing?" He seethed, veins popping out of his neck.

I had never seen him this mad before and it honestly frightened me.

"Did you ever take into account the consequences your actions could bring? Luke's going to feel so betrayed! And worse, you're a celeb he adores and looks up to!" Michael roared, nostrils flaring as Ashton stood beside him helplessly.

Tears were pooling around the corners of my eyes and threatening to spill anytime soon.

"How could you do something like this to a fan? To him of all people! God, you're so fucking stupid Calum!" He said, tugging at the roots of his hair.

That was when I had enough.

"You can't just constantly yell at me without letting me give an explanation Clifford!" I prociferated, taking a few steps forward.

"Explain? I don't need one of your shitty explanations Hood! This says it all!" The pale boy gestured to my phone

"Shitty? Well at least I don't jump to conclusions like you do! That's some fucked up shit!" I retorted, a few tears escaping my eyes.


"You want to know why I did it? It's because I like him! Hell, I think I'm in love with him!" I confessed.

"What?" Michael asked in disbelief, gaping at me.

"Yeah you heard me right! This all started because I created a fan account to cope with my boredom and once I laid my eyes on him, god was I whipped. At first, I just thought it wouldn't hurt to get to know him a little you know? But the thing is, I didn't expect myself to fall in love! I would never do anything to hurt him, he's way too precious to me! I hated it when I saw him close to tears at the cafe that day! When he told me about all the shit he goes through at school, I felt helpless because I couldn't be there to protect him!" I poured out, voice cracking here and there.

"I know he'll probably feel hurt after finding out the truth, but gosh I just can't stop now. I'm in too deep and he's got me wrapped around his fucking finger," I paused, chuckling at the song reference I had just made.

"I'd do anything to make him happy! He's my literal sunshine and fills that empty space in me. He's my missing puzzle piece, I'm certain of it. He's just so fragile that I'm scared it'll break him when he knows the truth! Do you know how fucked up I feel when I think of what I've done? You have no fucking right to jump to conclusions like that Clifford!"

By then, I was a sobbing mess. My knees gave way, causing my whole body to come crashing down to the floor as warm tears cascaded down my cheeks.

"Oh Cal," The tattooed boy said sympathetically, kneeling down beside me and embracing me, dropping my phone in the process.

"I'm sorry okay? Please don't cry, we'll figure something out," He whispered, stroking my back comfortingly.

"U-uh g-guys," Ashton stuttered out.

Michael and I turned towards him in confusion only to find him pointing a shaky finger at my phone.

I gasped, feeling my whole world come crashing down on me as Michael sat there dumbfounded.

Luke had heard everything.


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