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Calum's POV

"When you said you had a surprise for me earlier, I was definitely not expecting this," The blonde beauty timidly glanced at the three of us again, blushing as he did.

"Well, your birthday is coming up. So, I guess you can treat this as your birthday present from me," The Irish boy chirped, winking at the youngest of us.

"My birthday is in five months Ni, have you forgotten?"

"Well, it's a five-month early birthday present then," He smiled, making the blonde giggle lightly.

I could listen to his voice for forever.

"Wait, I never asked but how do you two know each other?" Ashton, who was sitting next to me, questioned curiously.

"Oh! Liz hired me as his babysitter for a few months when they first moved to London for some business thing," The brunette explained, slinging an arm around Luke's shoulders and tugging him closer.

"This boy was such a chore to take care of, gosh! He would always run around the house na-"

The blue-eyed boy quickly slapped a hand over his mouth preventing him from speaking any further, earning amused looks from the three of us.

"Please refrain from embarrassing me, especially in front of them," The boy with the lip piercing pleaded as Niall swatted his hand away.

"It's my job to do so Lukey-poo."

The younger boy huffed, an adorable pout forming on his pink lips.

"Hey Lukey, it's fine! I ran around the neighbourhood naked when I was a kid. That's why people thought I was weird," Michael stated earning a shy smile from the blonde beside him.

"R-really?" Luke peered up at Michael, his cheeks tinted with a pink hue.


"Since when were you two on a nickname basis," I asked, with a hint of envy.

"Ever since today, right hemmo!" The redhead exclaimed excitedly, earning a shy nod from the boy beside him.

"Whatever," I murmured, slumping back in my seat which made the cherry-haired boy smirk at me.

"Actually, come to think of it, what else could be more embarrassing than showing your dick to the entire world," He shot me a cheeky smile making me glare at him.

"You had to bring it up didn't you," I muttered under my breath, using every muscle in my body to refrain myself from lunging at him there and then for humiliating me in front of my crush.

"It's okay, people make mistakes. I don't know why everyone made such a big deal out of it to be honest," The blue-eyed boy spoke up, our eyes meeting once again for a few seconds before he quickly diverted his gaze to the table.

"Aww, you're so sweet, I like you already!" The redhead cooed, bringing him into an embrace.

I watched in jealousy as the blonde wrapped his arms around my best friend's waist, snuggling into the crook of his neck and scrunching up his nose adorably.

Now I really regret not being quick enough to claim the seat next to him, that could have been me instead.

I was too busy admiring the boy's unique features, from his enchanting ocean-blue eyes to his one-dimpled smile, that I hadn't realised they were all looking at me weirdly.

It was only when Ashton clicked his fingers in front of my face that I snapped out of my daydream. I cleared my throat, pretending that nothing had happened.


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